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  1. Naijafans

    Mark Zuckerberg is now the 22nd wealthiest person alive

    Zuckerberg's place among the worlds wealthiest has plummeted this year (Image: REUTERS) Mark Zuckerberg's fortune has shrunk by around £62billion this year following his company's shift towards the metaverse. After being the third richest man in the world two years ago, behind only Jeff...
  2. Naijafans

    Mark Zuckerberg critisized for blowing £8billion on Metaverse selfies

    Mark Zuckerberg is getting it in the neck on social media after sharing a rather expensive selfie from the Metaverse. On his personal Facebook page, the Meta CEO shared a screenshot of himself in Horizon Worlds, the company's social VR space, as he announced that it would soon be available in...
  3. Naijafans

    Mark Zuckerberg Launches WhatsApp Communities

    In his word while introducing WhatsApp Communities to the word. Mark Zuckerberg's the owner of WhatsApp says: Today we're starting to test a major evolution of WhatsApp that we've been working on: WhatsApp Communities. It's been clear for a while that the way we communicate online is...
  4. whoflip

    Facebook and Instagram may shut be down in Europe

    Meta-owned social media apps, including Facebook and Instagram, could be banned in the UK and in Europe as a whole. Mark Zuckerberg has threatened to pull "core services" from the region following a dispute over data protection laws with Europe. Meta has quietly issued a warning saying...
  5. Delicious

    Mark Zuckerberg set to transform facebook into a metaverse

    Mark Zuckerberg has laid out his vision to transform Facebook from a social media network into a “metaverse company” in the next five years. A metaverse is an online world where people can game, work and communicate in a virtual environment, often using VR headsets. The Facebook CEO described it...
  6. T

    Mark Zuckerberg skate an electric hydrofoil surfboard just as the sun sets over a body of water

    On July 4, billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a video to his Instagram account. The video shows Zuckerberg on what appears to be an electric hydrofoil surfboard just as the sun sets over a body of water, American flag blowing in the breeze, while John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country...
  7. Naijablog

    Facebook Live Audio Rooms launched in the US

    Facebook is launching podcasts and live audio streams in the US on Monday to keep users engaged on its platform and to compete with emerging rivals. Facebook will allow public figures with verified accounts to start live audio rooms and invite anyone else to speak Facebook says it is...
  8. Parrot

    Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg want creator to make money until 2023

    Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, June 7, announced that Facebook will wait until at least 2023 before taking a cut of revenue from creators who use the site to distribute their work or promote events. He explained via his Facebook account that the social media company will not take a...

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