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  1. Delicious

    Congratulations, Ini Edo welcomes first child, reveals why she opted for surrogacy

    Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, has welcomed her first child through surrogacy. The actress revealed she chose to have her first child through surrogacy to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. She said, “Yes I do have a daughter and I had her through surrogacy. The eggs are mine and so...
  2. Naijafans

    Surrogacy Program in Nigeria

    Surrogacy Program in Nigeria Surrogacy is part of the services render in all IVF hospital across the globe including Nigeria. IVF means in vitro fertilization. It is a fertilization of eggs and sperm in the IVF lab to generate embryos that can be transferred into the intending mother or a...
  3. Naijafans

    MeetSurrogateMothers, intermediary agency between the Surrogate mothers and the intending parents

    Surrogacy is when another woman helps you to carry your pregnancy; the carrier is called surrogate mother while the owner of the baby is referred to as commissioning parent or intending parent.(YOU as the case maybe) ● #Types There are two types of Surrogacy; 1.Gestational Surrogacy 2...