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Alase (Party Jollof) or Chef (Fine dining), who is the King of Jollof Rice?


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It was yet another celebration of one of the most iconic meals in the world, Jollof Rice! For those who keep up with the trends, there have been so many Jollof wars, and top of the list has always been Nigeria Vs Ghana, a never-ending battle. We are now witnessing a conversation shift, courtesy Devon King’s- The Taste That Binds! This year, in celebration of the World Jollof Rice Day, Devon King’s brought the conversation back home. They took it to the streets and allowed Nigerians have their say; View this post on Instagram A post shared by Devon King's Cooking Oil (@devonkingsng) Popular amongst Nigerians is what many refer to as “Party Jollof” one is said to have been prepared outdoors by caterers popularly called ‘Alase’ with their large pots and firewood. The taste of this particular jollof rice is said to be distinct from all others, identified by its unique taste and flavor. That said, you will also hear people make comments like “it tastes just like party jollof”, while referring jollof rice prepared by chefs in restaurants or at home that they have thoroughly enjoyed. Therein lies the mystery; a mystery the ‘Kings of Jollof Rice’, a documentary by Devon King’s attempts to unravel. An expository documentary about the making of the jollof rice dish, digging deep into what makes up the different recipes, preparation styles and tastes of the Nigerian jollof rice Watch and enjoyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD0-hkHf6AA Devon King’s has been in existence for over five decades and as established itself as a Brand that makes consumers seek moments of togetherness and experience most memorable ones with Tasty Meals.The post Alase (Party Jollof) or Chef (Fine dining), who is the King of Jollof Rice? appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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