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Everything you need is within yourself


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Today 4:12 PM
Everything you need is within yourself
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The Joy and happiness you need
The Good Health you desire
The Wealth, the good life, and living one's dream

Everything you need is within yourself, so stop looking ex-where, looking up to people for what God your creator has put inside you.

It's best when you don't look up to anyone, as well as when you don't look down on anyone. Life being in phases, learn to appreciate where and how far life has brought you, learn to enjoy life in a little, or big ways of you, life is for the living, don't let any part of your life die when you are still breathing

Everything you need is within yourself.png

Don't let the outside world determine your joy and happiness, don't let the environment deter how healthy you should be, don't let the economy of your country determine your pursuit for wealth, if you are reading me from my country Nigeria, don't let the corrupt people in Government determine how far your financial life will go: Everything you need is within you, learn to search within you and use that with your creator has deposited in you.

Until you understand that everything you need is within you, then you will pay more or less attention to what the outside world says or thinks about you.... stay focused, from all of us NL SOFT. NairaLEARN we thank God