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So, how do you find good brandable domains to register? One method is to simply think of different phrases and manually looking them up to see which ones are registered and which ones are available. The better option is to look up brandable domains that have recently expired and will be available for new registration in the coming days. That’s pretty easy to do using and a few of the available filters they offer! Listed below are some quick and simple instructions on how to find brandable domains using

1. Signup and Login – If you’ve never created an account with then you’ll need to do that first. Visit this page to create your free account. Once your account is created (or if you already have an account) go ahead and login here.

2. Choose Domains To Search Through – Once you’re logged in you’ll have two different types of list which you can search through. You can either click the Pending Delete tab to search for brandable domains that will be released in the near future, or click the Deleted .com tab to search through domains that were released in the previous days and may still be available for new registration.

3. Set Filters – Once you’ve decided which list of domains you’d like to look through, it’s time to filter the list down to manageable number of domains you can look through. For example, I’ve now logged into the site, clicked the Pending Delete tab, and are presented with a total of about 3,229,533 domains. To start trimming this down, click the red “Show Filter” link directly below the tabs at the top. Then, change the specific filters I have listed below.

Common Tab
1. Under “Domain Name Settings” check the no Numbers and no Hyphens boxes. Then, set the “Length” to minimum 5 and maximum 8. Finally, set the “Vowels” to minimum 1 and maximum 3.
2. Under “Domain Name Pattern” find the Whitelist box and enter CVCVC.

Additional Tab
1. Under “Original gTLDs” check only the com box.

Using the filters above I was able to turn a list of 3,229,533 pending delete domains down to just 139 that all meet good brandable domain criteria.