How To Save Money As A Student In Enugu State


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How can I save money as a student in Enugu state shows how difficult living in a place with a high cost of living is for people to be precise students.

Am excited to experience life in Enugu as a student. As we all know Enugu state is located in the eastern part of Nigeria and it is popularly known as coal city state or 042.

Enugu State has blessed with a lot of natural resources and its city is a very beautiful, and exciting place to be. There are numerous schools and universities in Enugu state. According to research, 50% of Enugu town is occupied by the student and most times student finds it difficult to maintain the way they do spend their money.

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So, in this article, I will be sharing with you my experience and how I manage to save a lot of money as a student in Enugu.

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