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What is an online exam system?
The online exam system is the culmination and evaluation of student's learning through the internet and other web technologies. It is similar to the traditional system of administering exams. However, it aims at evaluating student mastery in specific subjects. Modern learning management systems allow schools to offer more structured online exams.
Online exams can be either summative or formative. The goal is to digitally assess the student's competency-based abilities. This creatively enhances traditional examination systems. Online exams allow students to answer test papers in their own time and space. Teachers no longer have to collect individual answer sheets, check them and then disclose their scores to the class. This process was made easier by electronic assessments, which has certainly helped speed up online exams. Here are some more details about the advantages of online exams.
1. Reduced time and money spent
Online exams offer the greatest benefit: they can be done in a shorter time frame and cost less. Automating assessment in schools can help both students and teachers save time. Students will no longer need to gather on campus to take the exam. Remote students can take exams from anywhere they have internet access.
Online exams are easier to access because students don't have to fill out the same information twice as they did with traditional questionnaires. The system automatically records all data regarding students taking the exam. The student is free to concentrate on the question and providing the best answer.
Teachers can also be relieved of the effort of creating, disseminating, and evaluating the tests. Online examination removes the need for redundant and costly processes. Teachers no longer have to manually check test papers. This is a huge relief considering the sheer number of students they manage.
It is easy to use for teachers because students can immediately receive their results. Teachers can also take advantage of the online exams' auto-grading system. This eases the burden for teachers. Teachers, like students, don't have to worry about logistics because the exams are online.
2. Privacy and security enhanced
Students will benefit from the obvious increase in efficiency of online exams. This will allow them to be more secure and private. Online exam platforms allow for quizzes and exams to be conducted with high levels of privacy and security. This platform is completely secure and does not allow for malicious activities such as manipulating exam results or outcomes. The school can instantly generate exam results, which ensures transparency for students' evaluation records.
Students receive their exam results confidentially, and teachers do not post them to class. The identity of exam takers is also protected in a secure virtual environment. The digital equivalents of the exam allow students to take the examination from the comfort of their own homes.
3. Environmental-Friendly
Sustainability or going environmentally-friendly in conducting exams is another perk for schools. The apparent result of digital exams in educational institutions is that they are using a paperless system. This is also in line to a cheaper option for exam management for students.
Teachers don't have to print question paper that is less important after they have recorded the results. Although schools might recycle test papers from quarter to quarter, this can lead to more clutter for teachers. It won't lead to paper being wasted, which will make it more economical to conduct examinations.
4. Both Students and Teachers will find it easy to use.
Students can access the online assessment platform from anywhere. The latest technology in schools for electronic assessment allows for interactive access for teachers and students. Teachers will be able to add and import questions into the automated system. A batch-based distribution system will allow for a more consistent distribution of questions.
Teachers can also benefit from the auto-grading system through an online exam system. It allows students to access the system from any device, depending on the arrangement at their educational institution. Students can access a specific online exam from any device, including a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer.
5. Assessments are performed without any hassle
Teachers can create test questions using reliable school management software. Teachers can choose the type of exam questions they want, whether it is true or false, multiple-choice, identification, and so on. Teachers don't have to worry about essay-type questions being checked in online exams. Teachers can simply provide a rubric on the platform that students can use to write the essay. This makes it easier for them to check. Online exam softwares are available to assist teachers with the assessment process. This makes school exams much easier.
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