Show Love Not Hate, SEE HOW


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Today 2:57 AM
Show Love Not Hate, hate is a powerful emotion that can lead to violence and hatred. Showing love instead of hate is the key to preventing these negative outcomes. By showing love, we can create a more peaceful and positive world for all of us. So let's learn to Show them Love Not Hate, feel happy with others not feel envious of other

Showing people love has its health benefits, same way feeling happy and not envious of others, if we all love our self we are then very close to having a beautiful world for all, let love lead, start showing them love, understand that being happy with other doesn't cost a thing

If we can start loving one another and being happy with each other, the world we are in will surely be a better place for many

Show love from today, let's stop the hate among our following humans

Cheers from all of us at NL_SOFT

Show Love to all