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Verpex has acquired Guarantor hosting


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Today 4:12 PM
Guarantor Nigeria hosting company has been acquired by Verpex, a global hosting company.
This update co trained in the message sent by Guarantor to customers.

"We are pleased to announce that as of today Garanntor hosting has been acquired by Verpex.com, a global hosting provider.

You may be aware that over the last few months there have been some issues with service and support at Garanntor. We understand that some customers have been frustrated by a lack of response and there have been a number of problems with domains and hosting.

Verpex has stepped in to turnaround the business. Our aim is to sort out any issues as quickly as we can. We completed our acquisition a few hours ago and have been auditing through systems.

At Verpex we try and run the best hosting service possible and we're excited to extend that to the African market. Garanntor has a large customer base and a great relationship with some of the African domain registries. It is likely that at some point in the next few months Garanntor will be merged into Verpex - however for now it will remain standalone.

Here are a few specific notes.

Customer Support

We have a significant backlog of support requests to go through as well as an audit to undertake. We hope to have the ticket backlog cleared over this weekend. Once done we will enable live chat on the Garanntor site and provide 24/7 instant support. Until then, please bear with us; we appreciate you may have urgent issues you need addressing but we will go through in order. If you have an outstanding issue you would like us to address not already in a ticket, please reply to this email and we will come back to you as we clear the backlog.

VPS, Colocation Customers

If you have a virtual server or colocation with Garanntor, this will not transfer to us and will remain with the old Garanntor owner. We will be in touch separately to arrange your service transfer to their system. If you would like to alternatively look at managed servers from Verpex we can assist.

Hosting & Performance Upgrades

We are imminently going to be upgrading hardware to our high Verpex specification (NvME, cPanel, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, JetBackup). This will involve an IP change but as long as you use Garanntor nameservers you shouldn't have to change or do anything. We will be in touch with specifics later. We are looking to make these improvements as soon as practically possible.


We understand that there have been difficulties over the last few months making payments. Once we have undertaken a full audit of the setup we will provide further clarity on options in future. We are aiming to honour all existing contracts and prices wherever possible. For now you can continue to pay with your existing payment methods and we will add further options shortly.

Signing up for Verpex directly

If you wish to sign up for Verpex directly in advance of an integration, you are welcome to. We will be able to transfer any existing credit on your Garanntor account to your Verpex account. Please raise a ticket in your Garanntor account for details.


The team at Verpex / Garanntor