Why do I need a domain name?


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Why do I need a domain name?​

Domain names are necessary for people starting their own businesses, or seeking to promote a business they already have. By establishing and growing an online presence, your business has the potential to reach millions more people than it would without a domain name.

How many people will type a domain name directly into their browser's location bar, expecting to find relevant content? This "primary traffic" is highly targeted and offers the highest conversion rates. Smart businesses buy as many relevant domain names as possible to help lead searchers to their site, rather than paying (again and again) for every click to search engines.

Branding. Another key driver of interest in domain names is the need by companies of all sizes to effectively develop—and protect—their online brand. Smart companies not only buy their core brand name in each major TLD (e.g. .com, .net, .org, etc.) but each of the typos and close variations of their brand names.

Parking. "Parking" domains refer to the practice of using a domain name as a billboard for advertising and earning money for each visitor that comes to that website and clicks through on an ad. It's very easy to do, and the right domain names can earn a great deal of money. Smart buyers search for pre-owned domains.

  • Were developed earlier by a company that has since gone out of business
  • Have residual live links from search engines and directories
  • Have natural type-in traffic because they are made up of typical search keywords
Investing. Domain names are the "real estate" of the Internet, and as such, are steadily increasing in value as the most desirable locations become more scarce. As the strategic importance of an online presence rises for businesses the world over, the price for a good domain will continue to rise in kind.