WikiFX held a seminar in Nigeria, professionals take you to understand forex trading


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WikiFX held a seminar in Nigeria, professionals take you to understand forex trading

  About WikiFX

  WikiFX is an authoritative global inquiry platform providing basic information inquiry and regulatory license inquiry. WikiFX can evaluate the safety and reliability of more than 36,000 global forex brokers. WikiFX gives you a huge advantage while seeking the best forex brokers.

  About the event

  Forex trading is considered one of the most profitable businesses. However, many investors lost money in the forex market every year, especially inexperienced investors or newbies. The reason why so many people lost money in the forex market is that they know little about forex trading or they dont have a strategy when investing. Therefore, on June 18, 2022, WiKiFX held a seminar in Nigeria to teach people who are interesting in forex or who want to enhance their trading results how to trade forex. This seminar was a huge success.

  The goal of this seminar is to help traders understand the current situation of forex trading. WikiFX broadcasted this event live. And WikiFX was delighted to invite 2 forex experts, AUSHAZU MUKHTAR DAHIR from T2B Academy and SALAHUDDEN SANI from SS.DBT Forex Training Centre, to deliver fascinating presentations during the event respectively, which were expected to help attendees better understand the forex trading. The title of AUSHAZU MUKHTAR DAHIR‘s speech is “True Brokerage Shadow moves”. The title of SALAHUDDEN SANI SA'ID’s speech is “What you need to trade forex and How to choose the right Broker.” In addition, after the two experts' speeches, everyone will have the opportunity to interact with these 2 financial experts. audiences are free to ask them questions.


  The signing ceremony

  During the event, WikiFX held a signing ceremony with these two experts. In addition, WikiFX also reached cooperation with T2B Academy and SS.DBT Forex Training Centre, to which the two experts belong, surprisingly, these institutions will set up online teaching courses in WikiFX.

  Bonus from WikiFX

  WikiFX also offered bonus to our attendees .

•   If audiences upload the event to social media and then send the screenshots to WikiFX, they can get a free EA strategy ($980) for a lifetime for whom to trade with VPS or free VIP Service ($178) of WikiFX for 6 months for whom do not trade with VPS. And we will run a lottery for all that reach 10 forward on 30th June, the winner will get free VPS ( $300) for a month.

•   WikiFX has set up a Telegram group. Traders who join this group can get first-hand information on the foreign exchange market provided by WikiFX and know all the activities WikiFX will hold in the future. It always gives you an advantage in the foreign exchange market.



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