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  1. Parrot

    Motorbikes may damage camera of your Iphone

    IPhone owners should beware picking up bad vibrations from powerful motorbikes, as they may damage camera systems, Apple has said. The technology giant published a warning iPhones should not be attached to powerful bikes, in a support document spotted by MacRumors. Engine vibrations can harm...
  2. T

    Apple new feature to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images

    Apple has announced details of a system to find child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on US customers' devices. Before an image is stored onto iCloud Photos, the technology will search for matches of already known CSAM. Apple said that if a match is found a human reviewer will then assess and...
  3. Netdon

    Apple and Google investigated over their dominant position in the mobile phone market.

    The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has confirmed it is investigating Apple and Google over their dominant position in the mobile phone market. It is "taking a closer look" at the "effective duopoly" the two firms have. That includes the operating systems Android and iOS, both app...