1. Techguy

    New trick cyber-criminals are using to evade capture

    IMAGE SOURCEREUTERS "Follow the money" - for generations it's been the mantra of investigators looking for criminals. In the cyber-realm, this battle between criminals and the authorities has been raging for years. Despite the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, dozens of cyber-criminals have...
  2. Delicious

    US cinema chain that owns Odeon now accept bitcoin for movie ticket

    IMAGE SOURCEGETTY IMAGES image captionAMC has 620 cinemas in the US, and 358 in Europe AMC, the US cinema chain that owns Odeon, says it will allow customers to pay for movie tickets and concessions in Bitcoin by the end of the year. Boss Adam Aron said it has been exploring the technology and...
  3. T

    Which of these cryptocurrency are you selling or buying

    Which of these cryptocurrency are you selling or buying *Dm to purchase* Little rabbit Aquapig Shibachogie hotdogs Safemoon Freecoin NFTart. Finance Eclipse Safebtc Safemars Pitbull Feg token Pig token Moonrat Moondao Aquagoat Safelight Safestar Nicheman Moonpirate Fox Elongate...
  4. Naijablog

    Donald Trump says Bitcoin is a scam against the dollar

    Former US President Donald Trump has told Fox Business that he sees Bitcoin as a "scam" affecting the value of the US dollar. "Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam," Mr Trump said. "I don't like it because it's another currency competing against the dollar." He added that he wanted the dollar to...
  5. Netdon

    Bitcoin becomes a legal tender in El Salvador

    In a first of its kind move, El Salvador has approved bitcoin as legal tender, the county's president said. This makes El Savador the first country in the world to adopt a cryptocurrency for everyday use. Lawmakers in the Central American nation’s Congress passed a bill late Tuesday...
  6. Naijafans

    New Cryptocurrency is Internet Computer rises in billion value within 3 days of launching

    Since the invention of cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009, the number of digital coins has mushroomed. Punters have made fortunes by buying the next hot token before other investors have cottoned on, but investing in unproven coins is risky as they could end up falling flat. CoinMarketCap, a...
  7. Netdon

    How much is 1 bitcoin in naira calculator

    Calculate latest exchange rate of bitcoin to naira 1 Bitcoin equals 22,137,109.50 Nigerian Naira 8 May, 15:49 UTC · Disclaimer
  8. Parrot

    Bitcoin - How to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria

    Bitcoin in Nigeria According to Google Trends, Nigeria had the highest searches for “Bitcoin” in the past 12 months. As of today, 1 Bitcoin equals 23,984,413.58 Nigerian Naira NairaEx is one of the leading Bitcoin exchange in Nigeria. It is based in Nigeria. Currently, Bitcoin’s weekly trading...

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