1. Basilxez

    Instagram introduces zoom function for profile pictures

    Instagram recently announced an exciting innovation: the introduction of a zoom function for profile pictures. This feature allows users to take a closer look at profile pictures by simply tapping on the image and zooming in. This development has already attracted a lot of attention and promises...
  2. I

    Instagram DP Viewer: A Closer Look at Profiles with Insta DP

    Have you ever found yourself wanting to get a closer look at someone's Instagram profile picture, perhaps to admire the details or just out of curiosity? Well, you're not alone, and fortunately, there's a tool that can help – the Instagram DP Viewer, also known as Insta DP. What is Insta DP...
  3. Naijafans

    Donald trump could be returning to twitter, instagram, and facebook within the next month

    Trump is reportedly planning a social media comeback this month - if Meta lets him (Image: AFP via Getty Images) Former US President Donald Trump could be returning to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook within the next month. Trump's campaign team for the 2024 presidential race is reportedly...
  4. whoflip

    Facebook and Instagram may shut be down in Europe

    Meta-owned social media apps, including Facebook and Instagram, could be banned in the UK and in Europe as a whole. Mark Zuckerberg has threatened to pull "core services" from the region following a dispute over data protection laws with Europe. Meta has quietly issued a warning saying...
  5. Delicious

    Tega breaks silence after deactivating instagram account

    Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tega Domnic has again apologized to Nigerians for her questionable behavior in the reality show. Tega who last week expressed frustration and deactivated her Instagram account due to backlash she received from viewers of the show, said as a married woman she...
  6. Naijablog

    Facebook , Whatsap and Instagram Shutdown, share your experiences

    The three apps – which are all owned by Facebook, and run on shared infrastructure – stopped working shortly before 5pm. Other related products, such as Facebook Messenger and Workplace, have also stopped working. At time of writing, it is unclear what has caused the issue although the company...
  7. Naijablog

    Caroline Danjuma has released hot photos of herself on Instagram

    Caroline Danjuma has released hot photos of herself on Instagram. The mum-of-three struck several suggestive poses while clad in a sheer white shirtdress with a plunging neckline, displaying ample cleavage. The dress stuck to her oiled skin, clinging to her curves, and left little to...
  8. Delicious

    What is an Online Community?

    What is an Online Community? An online community is a group of people who interact with each other on an online platform. These communities can range from the 1+ billion-person Instagram community to a 10-person community of coffee lovers that rates artisan cafes in their city through a private...
  9. Netdon

    35 different ways to get Instagram followers instantly

    The times of alternate routes like purchasing instagram followers or utilizing bots are no more. These stunts may support your adherent mean a brief timeframe, yet they will not help you long haul. That is on the grounds that the lone genuinely important Instagram devotees are genuine...

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