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jeff bezos

  1. Naijababe

    Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, which of these billionaire is truly winning space race?

    Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson have a combined net worth of $400 billion, roughly the size of the GDP of the entire nation of Ireland. And all three men have decided to put vast sums of their wealth into chasing their space travel dreams, creating a modern space race in which...
  2. Sugardaddy

    CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose Andres get $100 million donation each from Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos, the Amazon (AMZN) founder and world's wealthiest man, said Tuesday after flying to the edge of space that he planned to award $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef José Andrés. Bezos said that Jones and Andres were free to do "what they want" with the money. "They...
  3. Parrot

    Jeff Bezos steps down from Amazon on Monday exactly 27 years after he founded it

    In 2004, Jeff Bezos and his technical adviser Colin Bryar drove together to the city of Tacoma, an hour south of Seattle in Washington State. At that time Amazon was a multi-billion dollar company. However they were headed to Amazon's customer services centre - where they were to spend two days...
  4. Parrot

    Amazon’s Jeff Bezos reclaimed top spot as the richest person in the world

    Amazon’s Jeff Bezos reclaimed the No. 1 spot two weeks after losing the title of the richest person in the world to LVMH chief Bernard Arnault. According to Forbes, Amazon shares closed more than 2% higher on Thursday, June 10, boosting Bezos’ net worth by $3.5 billion, while shares in...