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princess shyngle

  1. Parrot

    Princess Shyngle says there is no such thing as a man and woman being besties, especially in Africa

    Actress Princess Shyngle says unless a man is 100 per cent gay, there is no way he and a woman can be besties without them enjoying sexual favours from each other. In a post shared on her Instagram page, she opined that it is either they would be sleeping with each other or one is crushing on...
  2. Netdon

    Gambian actress Princess Shyngle is going to snatch someone’s boyfriend before summer

    Curvy and endowed Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has issued a stern warning to ladies as she noted that she’s going to snatch someone’s boyfriend before summer due to her relationship status. Princess Shyngle has been through a lot in the past few months with her three months marriage...