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  1. Naijablog

    The face of the Lady in the sleeping with dog viral video exposed

    The lady who made a viral TikTok video claiming she had something with a dog for N1.7million has said she was merely “catching cruise,” a slang for joking. The slim, light-skinned woman with TikTok user ID @Veegodess has been trending on social media after saying there was no big deal about...
  2. Naijablog

    Watch video of The moment when a dead man was forced out of his casket for allegedly refusing to be transported home for burial

    The moment when a dead man was forced out of his casket for allegedly refusing to be transported home for burial in Anambra State. It was alleged that all ambulances brought in to convey him to his hometown for burial, became faulty after his casket was placed in it. See video below.
  3. Parrot

    Shocking Video of Two-headed snake swallows mice

    In a recent video that has gone crazy viral on social media, a two-headed snake can be seen swallowing mice. The video has been shared by Brian Barczyk, a vlogger who ‘travels the world for animal adventure’. The video has 228k views. In the video, the two-headed snake Ben and Jerry can be...
  4. Parrot

    Video of Pakistani reporter Amin Hafeez interviews buffalo on Eid

    A Pakistani reporter saw a herd of cows and buffaloes climbing the stairs and he was completely amazed by their skills. On a scale of 0 to 10, his amazement level was infinity as he interviewed the cows, asking them about their “experience”. Pakistani reporter Amin Hafeez is back. This time...
  5. Parrot

    Video Of The Moment A Speeding Tanker Fall and Caught fire

    A camera following a tanker on I-75 Monday caught the moments leading up to when it struck a barrier on the highway, tipped over, and fuel ignited, sending smoke and flames into the sky. A massive tanker truck caught fire and burned for hours, Firefighters shot water and foam at the remains of...
  6. Naijababe

    Cleaner Mistakenly enter into wrong flat and only realises after finishing job

    'Cleaning Fairy' Louis ended up cleaning the wrong house (Image: stayscrewy/TikTok) A cleaner accidentally broke into a stranger’s flat and cleaned it before finding out he was in the wrong place afterwards. Louis Angelino III, who has now dubbed himself the "cleaning fairy", had been booked...
  7. Delicious

    Video of Monkey Drinks Alcohol From Bottle In A Liquor shop

    In the video, a monkey first enters the wine shop and grabs a bottle of alcohol. He opens the lid of a bottle with his mouth, and then starts drinking it slowly. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper is unfazed by the monkey's presence and also offers a biscuit. However, the monkey seems busy drinking and...
  8. Delicious

    Video of Groom Falls Asleep On Wedding Stage As People Try to Wake Him Up

    Dulha falls asleep on stage with bride sitting next to him, confused baaratis try to wake him up - Watch. A hilarious video has gone viral where we see the groom fast asleep at the wedding stage even as the bride patiently sits next to her. Courtesy :An Instagram post shared by Niranjan...
  9. Naijafans

    Video OMG Iron gate falls onto three-year-old girl

    A three-year-old girl had a lucky escape after an iron gate toppled over and landed on top of her. The toddler, named Bella, was pushing the metal barrier along runners outside her grandfather’s home in Hat Yai, southern Thailand, on April 22. However, she pushed so strongly that the gate...

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