Cleaner Mistakenly enter into wrong flat and only realises after finishing job


Cleaning Fairy Louis ended up cleaning the wrong house

'Cleaning Fairy' Louis ended up cleaning the wrong house (Image: stayscrewy/TikTok)

A cleaner accidentally broke into a stranger’s flat and cleaned it before finding out he was in the wrong place afterwards.

Louis Angelino III, who has now dubbed himself the "cleaning fairy", had been booked to clean the home of a friend’s co-worker, but mistakenly went to the wrong address.

After letting himself in using a spare key placed under the mat, Louis then got to work, scrubbing and mopping and left the place spotless before receiving a phone call from his client asking where he was.

He realised then that he was in the wrong apartment but by then had cleaned every room.

Luckily, the owners of the property saw the funny side, and were impressed by Louis' work.

The cleaner posted a video on TikTok explaining the mix up and how he felt about it which has now gone viral with almost a million views. He has now decided to dub himself the "Cleaning Fairy" and launch the title as a brand name.

"I posted the video of my reaction to cleaning the wrong apartment on TikTok as a joke!" Louis said.

"And now 571,900, people have watched this video, and because I deemed myself 'The South Jersey Cleaning Fairy', my followers and fans want t-shirts made!”

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