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If you are willing to grow into a digital marketing niche, then connecting to other digital marketing niche bloggers or websites as their guest blogger will be an amazing opportunity.

This practice can help you get high-quality backlinks for businesses like SAAS, IAAS, PASS, etc., and grow them online. Let’s find some cool websites which allow guest post for free.

  1. Mashable
Mashable is a highly Reputed place to publish your guest post for free but you won’t get approved until your content is worth publishing. Mashable is the top source of news in digital media, social, tech, and web culture. With more than 40 million monthly page views and domain authority of 83 as per Moz, this is the perfect place to pitch your ideas for guest blogging.

Quick Metrics: DA- 93 | Alexa Rank- 1,778 | Traffic – 13.1 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submit Guest Blog

  1. HubSpot
HubSpot is an automation tool widely used by online businesses to convert their online visitors into customers. With more than 32 million monthly visits and Domain authority of 92, HubSpot is the perfect place to guest post for free. It allows content related to marketing, sales, services, and website.

Quick Metrics: DA- 92 | Alexa Rank- 725 | Traffic – 32.5 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Blogging Guidelines

  1. Getresponse
Getresponse is a popular lead automation tool. Its blog is read by almost 9 million readers every month. If your guest post pitches are close to internet marketing then Getresponse is the perfect idea to share content and get a guest post for free. Having a domain authority of 81, this guest blogging opportunity will give you a great inrush of referral traffic from Getresponse blog.

Quick Metrics: DA- 87 | Alexa Rank- 1,431 | Traffic – 8.9 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Social Media Examiner
This website is very popular among digital marketers. With a response time between 7 to 10 days, you can be a guest blogger on this platform with your pitched idea. Having a high domain authority of 78 and blog traffic close to 2 million readers, getting a guest post for free is a wonderful idea that you must grab.

Quick Metrics: DA- 78 | Alexa Rank- 14,897 | Traffic – 1.5 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Content Marketing Institute
If you wish to share your content with a B2B and B2B organization then this is the perfect platform to pitch guest post ideas. Having a domain authority of 76 and monthly page views of 400k people, you will get a great opportunity to build your aura as an established author while submitting your guest post. It takes approximately 3 weeks for your content to go live if accepted.

Quick Metrics: DA- 76 | Alexa Rank- 11,051 | Traffic – 366k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Blogging Guidelines

  1. Creative bloq
If you are passionate about design and its development then creative bloq welcome all such experts to share their experience and expertise via guest blogging on their platform. You just need to pitch your ideas on their stated email id and wait for acceptance. Taking about the authority of creative bloq, it has a DA of 87 and serves nearly 4 million readers monthly.

Quick Metrics: DA- 87 | Alexa Rank- 5,786 | Traffic – 4 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Become a Contributor

  1. MarketingProfs
If you haven’t seen heaven for marketers online then this is the place you must log on. Having a domain authority of 74 and serving more than 200k people monthly, this is the best place to guest post for free.

MarketingProfs focuses on enterprise (i.e., large-company) business-to-business (B2B) marketing-related content so you can pitch your ideas accordingly.

The good thing is, if you only wish to share graphics or infographics to get a quality backlink from MarketingProfs then this is also accepted by them. How to get in touch? Check the link below.

Quick Metrics: DA- 75 | Alexa Rank- 16,882 | Traffic – 148k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Benchmark
This platform is for people who are into marketing. Specifically for email marketing as they complete domain name is benchmarkemail but they brand it as benchmark. This is again a marketing platform where you can share your guest post. The good thing about this platform is, they value content more than any word count. You can share content somewhere between 400-700 words but that should be a quality and value additive content.

Having a domain authority of 64 and serving approximately 700k readers monthly, this is an ideal place to share your valuable words as a guest blogger.

Quick Metrics: DA- 64 | Alexa Rank- 6,342 | Traffic – 700k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact benchmark

  1. Outbrain
Outbrain is a native ads discovery platform that shares content on feed and allows advertisers and readers to create a better platform for communicating over the internet. This place has very loyal readers of people from the marketing field. If you are a blogger or marketer and wish to share your expertise via guest blogging then you can share your content ideas. Having a DA of 84 and a massive 430 million monthly readers, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to be their guest writer.

Quick Metrics: DA- 84 | Alexa Rank- 458 | Traffic – 430 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: blogging guideline

  1. Coschedule
Coschedule has a marketing blog read by approximately 900k people monthly. This is a high domain authority blog with a DA of 69 as per Moz and accepts guest posts related to contents around marketing. You just need to share a promising idea to them to which they can respond within a week. So, grab this guest post for free and share your expertise with like-minded people.

Quick Metrics: DA- 69 | Alexa Rank- 15,692 | Traffic – 890k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

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