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Best LiveLeak Alternative Sites​

Since LiveLeak stands for free speech with an unbiased belief in particular issues, there are various genres of videos on this site. However, it was eventually shut down in 2021 due to its large number of violent and gore videos. Fortunately, for regular visitors of LiveLeak, there are still some sites like LiveLeak. The following are 11 best alternative sites to LiveLeak.

1. Kaotic​

Kaotic could be the website most like LiveLeak. It contains a lot of uncensored videos, including shocking real-life content, extreme content, age-restricted content, etc. In this site, you can find almost the same experience as you did in LiveLeak. Please be aware, however, that this website contains content that may cause mental harm to you.


2. Veoh​

Launched in 2005, Veoh is an American video sharing website. It was originally designed to broadcast TV shows before becoming a video sharing website in 2006. In Veoh, you can find videos in a wide range of categories like LiveLeak does, including movies, adventures, comedy, anime, horror, and other different niches.


3. VideoShub​

VideoShub, formerly known as MetaCafe, is a site like LiveLeak very much. You will never get bored with the content of this site as new content is added every day, including genres of gameplays, sports, science, entertainment, comedy, etc. Best of all, the site has no restrictions on video content, so you can watch and upload all types of videos there.


4. ItemFix​

After LiveLeak was shut down, the domain has been replaced by ItemFix, a platform allows users to post and edit video and audio files. Unlike LiveLeak, the site states that users must not upload or post media containing excessive violence or gory content. Still, you can find different genres of videos on ItemFix.


5. KillSomeTime​

If you want a site like LiveLeak to kill some time, then you have it. As the name suggests, you can definitely kill some time while entertaining yourself with some high-quality videos you come across on this LiveLeak alternative platform. However, the interface of KillSomeTime is not cool because of distracting ads.


6. eBaum’s World​

Founded in 2001, eBaum’s World is an entertainment website owned by Literally Media. If you prefer watching all kinds of shocking and scary videos, then this LiveLeak alternative site is the place to head to. The joy of visiting ebaum's World is that you never know what to expect.


7. BitChute​

BitChute is another website like LiveLeak, which also host a massive of quality videos. The low content moderation of this site means its content is relatively versatile, which guarantees entertainment throughout. However, almost all channels in this site contain conspiracy or hate speech, and most of which are anti-Semitic.


8. MyVidster​

MyVidster is a social video sharing and bookmarking site that allows you to collect and share your favorite videos you find on the web. Moreover, it provides the option to compile a video collection, letting other visitors to watch videos as playlists. The most importantly, as one of the best alternatives to LiveLeak, MyVidster also provides free movies to stream online


9. AOL Video​

If you are looking for the best LiveLeak alternative, then AOL Video must be on the list. In addition to hosting videos on its own, this site also supports searching for different kinds of entertainment-oriented videos from other platforms. What’s more, you can arrange the videos in order or in groups according to your own preferences.


10. DTube​

Apart from a site like YouTube, DTube is also a good alternative to LiveLeak, which is built on the top of Steemit. Therefore, anyone can earn rewards in the form of tokens by posting or curating videos and voting on good relevant content. Plus, DTube is unique in that it can display adult content on its main panel.


11. Xfinity​

Xifinity is a brand Comcast launched in 2010 for its internet, TV and phone services, which has one of the largest cable internet services in the United States. As a different alternative to LiveLeak, perhaps Xfinity was designed for conservatives. On this site, you can find videos whether it’s categorized as TV show, finance, sports, entertainment or lifestyle.


12. Crazyleak
Crazyleak is a viral content community where user share and discuss about viral stories, viral news today, funny fails, funny videos, for education and entertainment purpose

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