Commedian MC Freedom beaten by mob in Ibadan as comedy skit prank gone wrong


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Comedian mc freedom got more than he bargained for when a prank went horribly wrong in Ibadan.

In the skit, he dressed as a native doctor and said he needed to use a young lady who was a virgin for ritual purposes.

All efforts by him and his camera crew to convince those around him that it was a prank fell on deaf ears as the market women and passers-by pounced on him.

He was beaten mercilessly and received deep cuts inflicted by a machete as the crowd descended on him and he almost got lynched in the process.

These so-called pranksters need to be careful as the current security situation in Nigeria means no one is in the mood for these types of so-called pranks.

The video is indeed graphic and has been blurred out in parts.