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Large Puffy Lips

How many of us have such lips, or know someone with such lips?
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Alright then, If you have large puffy lips are usually caring

If your lips are like this, then you may have an innate and strong maternal instinct and a desire to safeguard and protect others. In any stressful situation, you think first of all about other people and only then about yourself.

People like this generally make the best mothers.

The upper lip is larger than the lower one

How many of us have such lips, or know someone with such lips?

A person who has lips like this is, quite simply, a drama queen.

They’re emotional, charismatic, love life, and draw attention to themselves.

They have a high opinion of themselves and possess the ability to draw others to them.

They simply love being the center of attention. The most striking turn of phrase and funniest joke always comes from them.

The lower lip is larger than the upper one

People like this dont like to do office work.

They can't just sit at a place, when there are so many interesting things out there

People with lips like this really know what it means to have fun.

If you have these lips, you’re vitally in need of an energetic lifestyle, new acquaintances, new places to visit, and new impressions.

You’re curious, sociable, and open to everything new.

You’re the kind of person who can lead people along with you on the path to new adventures.

Ordinary lips

People with ordinary-looking lips like these are often those with a balanced, common-sense approach to resolving any kind of task placed in front of them.

Their strengths lie in their ability to listen to others.

They take criticism lightly and treat others’ opinions with respect.

Making them mad is practically impossible.

But, despite their iron-clad stoicism, they still love to laugh and joke, and the glass is always half full for them.

Thin lips

People with thin lips are often loners and like to do things their own way. They just like it that way.

They’re also self-reliant and can cope with any problem.

If you have thin lips, then you’re probably the kind of person who has absolutely no need of company when going to visit places or when going on holidays.

But, despite your love of solitude, you feel perfectly at home in a group of people.

You can quickly find a common language with people, and you value other people for their actions.

An upper lip with a sharp philtrum as shown by the yellow line

I will have a put a stop here. It's been a very hectic day for me

I hope we have enjoyed whatever bit I have been able to present so far

This kind of person is 100% creative down to their fingertips.

They often end up being talented artists, creators and musicians.

They have excellent memories when it comes to recalling faces and names, they maintain contact with everyone they know, and they’re always aware of what’s going on.

They’re sociable, strive for self-expression in every form, and almost always achieve good results in their work.

So what lips is yours?

At least I have revealed mine

You may confirm for me o

So what lips is yours?

You may share with us


I think my lips is coming up next

I am shy 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

An upper lip with a rounded philtrum as shown by the yellow line

Should I go ahead to talk about this?

So someone wants to know about my personality through my lips🙈🙈🙈🙈

Seems like others are not interested, so I will jump and pass

If you have lips like this, you’re probably compassionate, sensitive, and kind.

You can become deeply upset by any misfortune, and you always find the time to help others.

Helping the less fortunate and caring for the world around you is your calling in life.

It’s people like you who make the world go around.

An upper lip without a philtrum

These people are the most responsible and reliable on the planet.

“Get it done even if it hurts“ is their motto.

They don’t know the meaning of the word ”impossible," and deadlines don’t worry them.

Everything will be done exactly on time. In fact, they are leaders

Their loved ones and friends know that they can be relied upon in any situation.

They’re they kind of people who simply turn up and solve every outstanding problem in one go.

Small puffy lips

People with lips like this are often mischievous 😜😜😜.

Their main priority in life is their own feelings of comfort. If they don’t look after themselves, then no one will.

Upon first getting to know them, these people often seem selfish, but this isn’t the case.

They’re compassionate and devoted friends, the kind of people who will come to the aid of others at a moment’s notice.

They never put their interests above those of others.

But they won’t ever do harm to themselves.

Because of this guiding principle, things often work out well for them.

Lastly, we shall consider one more lip category before we call it a day

A very thin upper lip

People with these lips possess unparalleled leadership qualities. In fact, these are the real leaders

It’s almost as if fire rather than blood pumps through their veins.

They’re good at convincing others, and they know how to stick to their guns.

The energy of life itself seems to flow out of them.

Their success is guaranteed, whatever happens.

However, they often find it difficult to develop romantic relationships, as their main principle in life is to be someone rather than to be with someone.

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