How ‘NAFDAC Approved’ Bread May Turn Out Bromated


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Since the ban of Bromate from the baking industry, bread with labels bearing a large, bold “BROMATE FREE” have flooded the market. Many of them carry a NAFDAC Number, suggesting their approval by the agency. Yet, some breads from this category are often confirmed to contain bromate during research analyses.

This is because, according to A.O Emeje, a researcher, many bakers, in a bid to get approved by NAFDAC, bake a set of breads specially for presentation to NAFDAC for analysis. But after the approval, they backslide and return to their old ways.

Compared to other bread Improvers, Potassium Bromate is very cheap. So bakers resort to the illegitimate use of it, despite prohibition.

*A Bromate seller in Lagos, Ojukwu, said bakers are one of his regular customers, followed by local morticians, who use the chemical for preserving dead bodies.*

*Oh my God!!!* 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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