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For you to have typed “how to become a Yahoo boy” in the Google search box, it means you’re indeed interested in becoming one; or, you just want to make inquiries, for research purposes, if there are actually guides on how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria.

If your reason for reading this post is because you actually want to become a Yahoo boy, I'm not sorry to disappoint you because I will never support such.

5 Reasons you should not become a Yahoo boy​

The risks are a lot higher in recent times​

In recent times, the Nigerian police tend to embarrass people a lot. Some of them even go as far as demanding that you allow them to see the content of your mobile phones or PC, even without a warrant.

And through that, they’ve been able to apprehend several people involved in Yahoo Yahoo!

Similarly, American authorities have their attention on Yahoo boys now more than ever. It is claimed that American citizens have lost over $1 billion to scammers over the past decade.

The FBI, as a result of that, has decided to take the matter of online scamming more seriously. They now work in conjunction with tech giants that own email companies, mobile phone companies, and other companies that produce software or gadgets Yahoo boys use for their activities.

If you’ve been very observant, then you must have seen several reports on how Yahoo boys are getting apprehended every day.

More difficult compared to years back​

It is a lot harder to make 1 cent from online scamming in recent times because the targets are now way, way smarter compared to years back.

So, if you become a yahoo boy now you may be tempted to go plus (Yahoo plus). And you know what that means.

You won’t have peace of mind​

As earlier noted, the police are taking the matter more seriously now than ever. Imagine that you’re traveling with your favorite laptop at the back of your car seat, and you come across SARS at a checkpoint. It will take a lot of composure not to shiver, considering the brutal nature of SARS officials.

That being said, you’ll not have peace of mind if you’re doing anything illegal. Naturally, the guilt will just remain with you.

You won’t spend the money well​

Now, I’m sure someone’s like ‘whoa! That one’s not true.

Here’s the reason you won’t spend the money well:

When people get money from such means, they tend to believe it’d be easy to get the next one, and with that belief in mind, the desire to spend your money carefully would be lost.

My Advice: Don’t become a Yahoo boy!​

There’s this stigma Nigerians are now facing on the web and around the world. People tend to believe every successfully young Nigerian is a Yahoo boy.

It’s already so bad and we don’t want it to get any worse; the major reason I was spurred into writing this long sarcastic “how to become a Yahoo boy” guide.

I hope all the points I’ve provided above is enough to dissuade you from learning how to become a Yahoo boy.

Sorry for disappointing you if your intention was to truly learn how to become a Yahoo boy.

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