How to get a New Blog to Rank on Google, hit 4k traffic in 3 Months



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How to get a New Blog to Rank on Google, hit 4k traffic in 3 Months.

Can a new website really get 4k clicks from Google in just 3 months? No expired Domain, No paid backlinks.

The answer is YES! Learn my tactics #SEO #SEOsuccess #TrafficHacks

First, you need to get the basics right, and here are 6 basics you need to get right.

1. Your Niche.
2. Optimize your website.
3. Summit site to Google Search Console.
4 Do keyword research.
5. Write content that ranks.
6. Optimize your content.

1. Your Niches

The niche you choose in your blogging journey is very important, choosing a niche that you can provide value for, and be comfortable working with it, is also good if it is less competitive.

2. Optimize your website

This is the bread and butter of ranking on Google, your site should have this features such as Adding meta Description, internal linking, external linking and being able to edit your robot.txt file.

A simple WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO, can do this.

Also, you should have all your blog pages published, like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms of use.

Also provide meta Descriptions to every post and pages.

3. Summit site to Google search Console

Since this is a new blog, I usually published at least 5 articles before submitting site to search Console.
And most time even before summiting you would find out some Posts and pages are already Ranking, is a good sign.
Also do the same to Install Google analytics on your site even if you have not started getting traffic it's important.

4. Do keyword research

Leave the big competitive keywords and focus on the one your blog can rank for.
In order to do this you have to spend time, checking for keywords your blog can rank on Google 1- 3 pages.

A simple tip for doing this is to focus on the Search Results page.

Semrush has an option where you can filter keywords with the Search Results page.

Search Result page is a term used to show how many websites have written on a certain keyword at a particular time.

You can find these golden keywords with little Search result page and irrelevant results.

If you write a more relevant contents, with a lot of resource you can can rank on the very first page, even for a new blog.

Most of the time, keywords with low-result page, have less competition.

5. Write content that ranks

Avoid wasting time on writing content that doesn't rank or people don't Search for.

Do keyword research before writing on any topics, interlink your articles together, it helps.

Also, link to other relevant blog on your post.
Focus on writing more content, content is king,
Include questions relating to People also search for section on Google, it helps to get the blog post ranking for many queries.

Include your focus keywords on at least 2 headings, and let it flow naturally.

Use related keywords that add more value to your focus keywords as heading too and add more relevant content to it.

6. Optimize your content

Here are some tips to help you optimize your content:

Conduct keyword research.
Use descriptive titles and headings.
Write high-quality content.
Use meta descriptions.
Optimize images.
Include internal and external links.

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