Maheeda - Why i turned down acting in act in a pornographic movie


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A former gospel singer-turned-nudist, Caroline Sam, aka Maheeda, is one lady who has no qualms with posting raunchy and nude pictures of herself on social media. Though many may think that she would not consider it a big deal to act in a pornographic movie, she stated that it was not something she pictured herself doing.

According to her, she once declined an offer to act in a pornographic movie. She told Saturday Beats, “Yes, I have been approached to act porn but I rejected it. I just did not see it happening in my head.”

The mother of one also maintained that she had not abandoned her music career but was focusing on ‘more important’ things. She said, “I have not quit music yet. However, there are some things, like family, that are more important than music.”

Asked if she had a crush on any Nigerian entertainer, the self-proclaimed ‘Naija bad girl’ said, “My crush has always been Davido. I would grab a chance to go on a date with him if I ever have the opportunity.”

Advising young ladies in the music industry, Maheeda said, “Invest outside the music industry even as the fame and money comes. Also, when nothing is working out well, make sure your health and family.