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A Corporate and Entertainment Lawyer, Akunna comes from a family where everyone has an amazing voice. She spends most of her time singing in the bathroom and also showcases her vocal talent on her social media platforms. Akunna believes the world deserves to hear her sing and says it’s about time she commercialises her amazing gift.


Fresh from high school, Beyonce (16) resides in Port Harcourt and has her eyes set on a musical career. Having a dad who was a professional singer and producer made the decision to choose this career path a lot easier for Beyonce. From posting videos of herself singing online, to hitting Ariana Grande notes in the shower, Beyonce is focused on becoming a singer to be reckoned with. With a name like hers, Beyonce knows she has big shoes to fill and believes she can be the next Nigerian Idol. She hopes she can inspire the youth to chase their dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem.


Clinton (24) is an office assistant but has a burning passion for music. He grew up singing in the church choir and as a background vocalist in a gospel band. Clinton has performed alongside major artists at concerts, so he isn’t new to the spotlight. Clinton comes from a polygamous family, but he was raised by his mother after his parents separated. He enjoys being the only singer and songwriter in his family and says it has always been a dream to be seen on the Nigerian Idol stage. Now, he gets to live his dream...


Comfort (18) is a student in Lagos. She started singing in church and composes her own original songs influenced by everything around her. To her, music is life.
She says she has been watching Nigerian Idol with admiration from a tender age and now that she’s old enough to be one of the contestants, she hopes to find out how it feels to be the ultimate winner of the singing competition.


This young graphic designer takes his musical art with him everywhere he goes. Whether in church or the neighbourhood bar, Daniel is sure to get on stage and sing. Daniel says he entered Nigerian Idol for the experience and exposure, and hopes the platform the show provides will help showcase his talent and take him to the next level.


Actor and entrepreneur Dotun is a jack of many trades, but his heart will always want what it wants- music! His passion for expressing himself through song has him singing at events, karaoke bars, studios and in church. Dotun comes from a large family and holds the “coveted” position of being the black sheep of the family. He says he entered Nigerian Idol in the hopes that the experience will propel his music career and his other entertainment pursuits to the next level.


This energetic go-getter currently works as an administrative officer at a studio in Lagos. He has a passion for music and believes if you sing from the heart, you will communicate and connect with your audience. He is intent on making people feel how he feels through his songs. Raised by his dad after his mum passed away, Emmanuel is the second child in a family of four and takes pride in the fact that he comes from a family of singers. . Emmanuel says he entered Nigerian Idol so he can share his talent.


Faith (25) hasn't only embraced his singing talent; he also earns a living from it! From performing at award dinners and pageant shows, to parties, weddings and open lounges, this enterprising young man is making sure his craft puts money in the bank. The last of six children, Faith grew up with the love and support of a family that shared his passion for music and helped hone his singing skills from the age of seven. Apart from music, guitar and his love for education, his artwork and passion for helping people means the world to him. After watching his favourite artists perform on previous seasons of Nigerian Idol, Faith says he always believed that one day he would make it onto the same stage – and now is his chance to achieve his big musical dreams

Faith Mac​

Despite her keen interest in fashion design, Faith still has her mind set on taking on the musical stage. Born into a family of singers, Faith started off in the church and soon became the lead vocalist in her church choir. Not a fan of hiding her vocal prowess, Faith shows the world what she is made of with video uploads on her Instagram account of herself singing.


Francis (26) is based in Abuja where he doubles as a businessman and a farmer – and crowns it with the gift of singing, which he started in the church. Francis comes from a very supportive and loving family of seven kids. Francis says being on the Nigerian Idol stage has been a lifelong dream. Even after auditioning twice in Abuja and Lagos in 2011 and 2015 respectively and not making it far, he believes this new opportunity will give him another shot at the limelight and help give his career a much-needed boost.


This computer science and informatics student at the Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State is no stranger to singing. Kingdom sings with the Pamela Scott Music band based in Port Harcourt and has performed at wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and church services. He comes from a family of four and has a younger brother and two younger sisters. Apart from the fact that he is surrounded by people who believe in him, Kingdom thinks he has what it takes to be the next Nigerian Idol because music is what he is most passionate about
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