Reactions trail Cross’s nude video Fans allege publicity stunt



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Cross, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate, has come under attack after he accidents posted a video of his private part on social media.

Cross had shared the video on Snapchat.

This came as a surprise to some of his fans who expressed disappointment in him while others encouraged him.

Some Nigerians were of the opinion that the video was shared intentionally as a publicity stunt.

This is coming days after Maria was dragged online for allegedly sleeping with a married man and threatening his wife.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@kusssman “ Bro the housemates of the recently concluded BBNaija are doing more than enough to stay relevant. What was that video Cross posted.”

@Jaystifla “ Why is everything getting leaked and exposed on Snapchat?

@AsiwajuLerry “ These new set of BBNaija celebrities are ready to do anything for Fame and relevance even if it compromises their morals. Cross really fall my hand chai.”

@Moleculeboy “ It is you thinking he posted it for clout stop judging people based on what you think you would do or your moral compass. You never supported Cross before so pick your hand that fell.”

@Mmamandy “Cross those who truly love you will always stand by you come rain come shine.

Just know that you’re not a god that’s above mistakes because you’re human with all kinds of flaws. I will always love and cherish you no matter what.”

@PresidentHoodlum “ This week alone, Maria challenged another man’s wife, Cross now has posted his pen*s on the internet What kind of Big Brother Naija set is this?

@Tife_fabunmi “Cross probably wanted to send the video to someone and mistakenly posted it, it can’t be intentional.”

@IamNvestor “When I said Cross has nothing to offer other than his weird Sexual vibes and Drunken Master Moves, they said I was hating. Well here we are now your Pervert keeps on Giving.”

@Precious “ Cross is not perfect, he is flawed, that Snapchat video was a mistake. I won’t drag or hate him because of a mistake. I will continue loving him no matter. Don’t expect me to unstan him. Cross I hope you are not sulking or thinking about it.”

@Alwayysmummy “Get angry, feel disappointed that’s fine. But for me I rather feel bad for him.. Cross already told us he’s a human being who is flawed. We all make mistakes. Who in their right mind would do this intentionally? Like seriously who?

@Melanin_goddess “If it was a lady that went naked like Cross did we won’t hear the end of it from fellow women. They’ll give 1001 reasons why she’s the cause of men sexualizing women and possibly global warming. But see them laughing and fantasizing over Cross. Woke generation!

BBNaija: Fans allege publicity stunt as reactions trail Cross’s nude video

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