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You can easily search for wordpress line of code and remove them without even editing any line of code using string locator plugin.

When working on themes and plugins you often notice a piece of text that appears hardcoded into the files, you need to modify it, but you don’t know what theme or plugin it’s in, and certainly not which individual file to look in.

Easily search through your themes, plugins or even WordPress core and be presented with a list of files, the matched text and what line of the file matched your search.
You can then quickly make edits directly in your browser by clicking the link from the search results.

By default a consistency check is performed when making edits to files, this will look for inconsistencies with braces, brackets and parenthesis that are often accidentally left in.
This drastically reduces the risk of breaking your site when making edits, but is in no way an absolute guarantee.

Download string locator plugin

1. Search for plugin "string locator" through your wordpress plugin dashboard directory,
2. Install and activate plugin
3. Locate the plugin under tools to launch
4. You can paste the exact code you want to remove or keyword search, the plugin will present you similar sample or exact code and you can decide which code you are looking g for.
5. Click to edit or remove the code and save it. You are done!
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This info is right on time as I'm looking for a way to unverify another umous user in my Google co sole, the verification code is hidden. I need to search it out. Tha ks @naijaffor this clue. 😊
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