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Seyi shay explained her side of the story about a fight with Tiwa Savage


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Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay, has explained her side of the story following her fight with Tiwa Savage

Recall the two songstresses had a dirty showdown at the salon which saw them exchanging words with Tiwa being held back from getting physical

In a phone conversation with a media house, Seyi Shay opened up about what had happened but social media users are not having it.

Seyi Shay, has described her fight with Tiwa Savage as having left her confused as she recently opened up about their physical altercation at a hair salon.

Well, amidst the buzz it created on social media, Seyi Shay had a recorded phone conversation with Pulse and opened up about her own side of the story. According to the singer, the reason she decided to say hi to Tiwa was due to the tension in the salon when she walked in.

She went over and said hi but contrary to the narrative being pushed online, Tiwa replied cordially. However, 20 minutes later, Tiwa walked over to her and warned her never to greet her in public again. Seyi Shay who dragged by Tiwa for having an 'ugly skin' explained that she had just gotten a chemical peel hence the state of her skin. Kicking me off endorsement deals and my miscarriage Seyi Shay accused Tiwa of trying to get her kicked off endorsement deals and also fighting another artiste for featuring her on a song amongst other things.

According to Seyi Shay who expressed shock at the fact that Tiwa used her son's life to swear that she had never done anything to her, claimed the singer said God will never give her a child because of her 'bad spirit'. Seyi Shay revealed that it hurt her because she once had a miscarriage.

In her words: "It hurt me because I've had a miscarriage before and I know the kind of pain that I felt when going through that so, for another woman not only to skin-shame you but to now tell you that God will not give you a child, that you'll not have a child." Seyi Shay coyly admitted to singing about Tiwa in the viral the F*ck You challenge back in 2017, adding that the song was nothing compared to all that Tiwa had done to her



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Drama everywhere, but no matter what happened, Tiwa should not have swear with her son.