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Hello friends, am making this simple compilation to show you some of the very best Internet forums we have in Nigeria at the moment

Blogs are more common than forums in our country Nigeria and the reason for this cannot be tagged to one thing alone. However, we may be exploring the growth of forums and dominance of blogs in our country Nigeria some other time.

In this article, I’ll expose some of the top forums in Nigeria that are active and delivering some value to her members.

The Criteria for Forums Listed Here

It’s nothing other than the present state of the platform, it’s stability and the participation of the members of the forum, the alexa ranking of the site also is a factor.

Hence, a forum that has been around for five years with little or no active members will not be featured in this post! That said, let’s get started without much ado.



Techbaze Nigerian Forum is a Technology blog focused to provide all related Telecommunication Problems and also Celebrities Phone Numbers and Net-Worth. Our aim is to provide browsing cheat, Network, Net-Worth, Apk e.t.c. and providing data a subsidized rate.

Techbaze Nigerian Forum also bring technological update like tech news, mobile phone update and tech related issues to your door step.


Some people tag Nairaland the first forum and they have capitalized on this to create a community online comprised of Nigerians and they have shown an astonishing level of stability over the years. For forum users in Nigeria, Nairaland needs no introduction so what exactly happens on Nairaland?

Nairaland is majorly about news and political discussion as shown by the statistics that can be found on the website’s forum categories. There are other pretty active sections such as webmasters and phones sections but the politics section yet remains the king on Nairaland.


Best Nigerian Entertainment Forum with mordern forum features, its easy to create conversation on naijafans, discuss and reply comments.


This is another large Nigerian forum which is active. It seems to have a link with another popular Nigerian website, naijapals. GistMania as the name suggests is a forum centered on gist, news and entertainment. In the past, GistMania has been criticized for being partial with the kind of information they allow to flourish on their platform but at the moment, one can spot a live Update widget on the homepage that shows the recent topics from the forum.
However, am not sure about what it shows and from where.

Honestly, Gistmania is yet to make its mark in Nigeria as compared to the status it has managed to maintain for quite some time now.

Originally started as a popular forum for Nigerian students alone but lots of surprises lie ahead for the forum. As a forum managed and dominated by Nigerian students, the early months of Jackobian were one to behold but what lies ahead has proven to be equally if not more interesting.

Speaking about what is all about can be a little difficult but it can be summarized as a community with an active Investment forum that focuses on Bringing the Best Investment opportunities both offline and online to Nigerians. Of recent it has been about Bitcoin Investments and also Altcoins.

Jackobian, being less than a year old have contributed to the Nigerian Bitcoin Community in ways no other native website has and looks forward to keeping the cryptocurrency as their primary objective in the immediate future.

Lastly, the website runs on a modern software which provides the flexibility her members enjoy. Some say this is one of the secrets to the progress of the platform. Also, at the moment, the administration of the Nigerian forum, Jackobian is still all Nigerian Students and we are optimistic about what will come out of here.


This platform has been around for years too. Well optimized for the popular search terms relating to forums in Nigeria, it has seen its own share of online presence. The forum is a community comprised of over 386,000 accounts and this is a great number indeed.

The primary focus at appears to be Jobs and Job vacancies in Nigeria which is a pretty solid market at the moment. It has always been too. As mentioned earlier, it has been around for a while and has also shown some stability!


NSF, a forum website, was created in 2016, for all Nigerians, not only students but for all educators. Motives and aims of creating this website are to help all Admission seekers, Undergraduate, Graduates, Employed, Unemployed and Elites in their Education pursuits & careers.

Lately last year, Ngstudentforum was approved by FreeBasics which enable the student to access Education news for free without having Data.


NaijaPals is another discussion Nigerian forum that focuses solely on Nigerian music, news and films. Registration on this website allows you access to many movie downloads and films to watch for free. You can also download Nigerian music for free aside discussing with other people in the forum.


While AskNaij isn’t a top Nigerian forum as the rest listed above, this site has what it takes to be be among the best discussion platform where registered users get answers to questions and exchange experience on various issues.


This user friendly forum is another Nigerian online forum that engages people socially and where they network easily. The forum is simple and offers lots of categories to gain knowledge. This website looks a lot like social media and pffers various rooms where people chat.


This is one of Nigeria’s favourite forum that was created in 2010. With its easy to navigate interface, this platform combines both the discussion forum and social media to allow for more users to share, chat, read and watch videos on particular topics of disscssion.


This is among the educational forums in Nigeria and has since become the second best education website after it was created over 5 years ago. If you are a students, graduate and want to employ someone looking for vacancy, then NGSTUDENT is the best Nigerian discussion forum.


This discussion forum allows Nigerians exchange ideas. They have up to 19k members and share ideas, information, tech, etc .

Other upcoming popular Nigerian forums to visit

I would not be happy to close the topic here so I will go ahead and give these discussion forums a mention too

The other discussion forums in Nigeria you might wanna check out Include:

And that brings us to the end of this article on popular forums in Nigeria that are active. Are there any other popular forums out there that I missed? You can add them up below.

Thanks for reading,.
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