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Top List Of Nigerian Discussion Forums
We keep updating this list to make sure that only the most active Nigerian forums make this list, feel free to comment on a Nigerian forum that deserves to be on this list and write a brief about what the forum is all about, we review and update the list.

Below is a compilation of the top List Of Nigerian Discussion Forums currently.


Launched in 2005 by the owner Oluwaseun Osewa, Nairaland is undoubted, the best online forum in Nigeria and Africa. It has over 2,413,353 registered members and over 5,407,411 topics cutting across different categories including politics, entertainment, business, webmaster, romance, news, autos, education, sports, technology, computers, properties, religion, health, travel, celebrities, games, events, arts/graphics, pets, diary, jobs, career, jokes, etc.

Many Nigerian bloggers and internet marketers today, learned from Nairaland. A lot of graduates got employment through job adverts and posts on Nairaland, a lot of students get information on Nairaland, some investors who are now into estate management give credit to Nairaland, a lot of cars are being sold through Nairaland auto and car-talk section, a lot of people are self-employed today courtesy of business tips learned on Nairaland forum. I personally, learned a lot of programming, internet marketing, and good knowledge of cars via nairaland. In fact, some couples that are married today met on this wonderful forum.

Nairaland is the fastest forum in Nigeria that loads under 2 seconds thanks to its Cloudflare and good host.

It’s beautifully designed to make it accessible for all members and unregistered visitors. Its posts rank well on search engines and it’s one of the most trusted internet forums in Nigeria already featured on BBC, CNN, Wikipedia, and other high authority sources.


Naijafans is a Nigerian Forum, A Nigerian Discussion forum where people start conversations, discussed, and reply to comments. Naijafans forum aimed at providing a modern, social, and more engaging platform for Nigerians to create conversations and let their voices be heard.

Naijafans Forum has varieties of modern thrilling features that are unique which will make users' experience more engaging and interesting. Naijafans has a wide range of interesting forum categories where you can start conversations. The forum explores conversation threads in Tutorials, Celebrity gist, politics, viral and trending conversation, reality shows, music, and romance technology as well as a forum to submit petitions and a forum where you can post about items lost and found.

Features Of Naijafans Forum
  • Online Radio that broadcast 247 non-stop music and talk shows
  • A classified ads marketplace forum where you can post free ads to sell your items and products
  • A dedicated forum where you can watch Nigerian Movies and review movies
  • Naijafans forum has a Live TV page that streams and broadcasts programs 247
  • Modern Direct Messaging (DM) and chatting system and well-encrypted communication
  • Use of modern emoji to communicate
  • Group discussions and invite users to chat features
  • Smooth site navigation with good user experience
  • Modern pop notification alert
  • Easy to sign up
  • Easy to create and reply to discussions
  • Awards and points for most engaging user
  • User-friendly bookmarking and sharing content on your social media.


As the name suggests, my school is the most popular online forum for Nigerian students. On this forum, students get the latest updates on JAMB, UTME, Post UTME, Exam timetable, exam runs, Nigerian school news, gists, students connect, and lots more.

Stats has it that one out of every 10 Nigerian students has visited this forum in the last three years. That’s huge traffic if you ask me.

The site is accessible, has decent SEO and it’s very active with fresh school news from almost all the schools in Nigeria.


The early face is another popular online forum in Nigeria that delivers timely news updates, online business tricks, free browsing cheats, school gists, relationships, and so on.

It started as but later changed to due to reasons best known to the owner.

The site has a blog section and a forum section.


Nigeria’s Creative Talents (NCT) forum is primarily focused on tech and webmaster-related articles. The forum has hot topics on webmasters, blogging, programming, graphics design, business, entertainment, education, health, fashion, and so on.

Although the forum is gradually losing its popularity, traffic, and Alexa rank probably because of the change in URL, it’s still among the top forums in Nigeria as of today.


Jacobian is Nigerian largest Cryptocurrency forum owned by Precious Mmeso, a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri. It started as a normal student forum but later, the owner added Bitcoin and altcoins trading and articles to it.

Today, the Jacobian forum has many talented admins including the popular “Gad” of Jacobian who moderates content posted by other members.

There was a “scam” claim some time ago by a visitor who narrated how he was scammed on the forum but I believe that is the only forum where visitors are being scammed. As a matter of fact, in the Nairaland forum, there are so many scams and fraudulent activities by bad-minded members. That’s why it’s important to trade with caution and always make use of the escrow method while doing business with a stranger online.

However, the Jacobian forum is known for promoting Cryptocurrency, Ponzi schemes, and other online businesses in Nigeria. This is why it’s the first choice for most online internet marketers seeking the latest information in the crypto world.


Forget about the name; ngstudentforum (NSF) is a general forum not just for students but for everyone. It covers a wide range of topics including sports, news, politics, celebrities, tech, webmaster, business, education, fashion, games, religion, lifestyle, jokes, etc.
It currently has over 17,237 registered members and over 67,429 topics which have been reacted to by members over 15,137 times.

In this forum, visitors are free to register, become a member, and post articles that will be moderated by admins and eventually brought to the front page if found worthy of making it to the front page.


Naijapals is the top best online forum for a huge collection of music in Nigeria. It’s the artist's and music lovers' domain.

On this forum, you can download the latest Nigerian music mp3s and videos, and know more about music stars and upcoming artists.

Members can chat and hook up with each other on this forum which is why it’s fondly called “Nigeria’s Facebook”.
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