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When People Are Blamed For Being Poor, Is Poverty One's Fault


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Today 8:25 AM
To me

A lot has gone wrong, a lot of blame games here and there, most time we see it, sometimes we feel it, oh yea the society told the poor that being poor is their Fault

In Nigeria where I come from, Nigeria President Buhari told her youth that them being jobless is their Fault, he blame it on the youth of Nigeria being too lazy, while those in Government have no Fault and best are hardworking Nigerians

This is how the world has glued, the hunger is global, the fear is global, the pandemic is global, and most of these menaces are being blamed on the masses, yes the poor people

Is so painful seeing a great number of people suffering, while society keeps telling these people suffering that it was their Fault, climate change is worsening while the elite blames it on the poor. Is hard to believe, but the blame game is real when millions of people are depressed and society tells them that is their Fault, people do anything these days to make a leaving including killing their fellow human beings and calling it HUSTLE

Even someone being ill, society tells them that is their Fault, poverty is blamed on the individual

The list goes on and on, while this is totally wrong, people should not be blamed for what the environment has pushed them into, for what the political class has forced on us

Literary, before now, the world was a good place, a place where the reword for the hard-working AND good well is promoted, not until the politician starts to play politics with everything, including basic human right and value and they the politician mess up the world

Yet, they push the blame game to the innocent masses. If I may ask, what stop people from being there for each other when they needed it the most

When ONE fails he should be lifted, but no, the society this day mock and laugh at failure, in_fact, if you failed you are blamed

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