Would it be advisable for me to Confront My Brother's Wife?


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He needs your advice

I have a case here and I will like all of you to say something. Would it be advisable for me to Confront My Brother's Wife?

Perhaps "defy" is some unacceptable word to use here, yet let me clarify.

My sibling and I had been sharing a condo for a couple of months before he got hitched. He as of late left to assume a different position with his new spouse, who I'm companions with.

No issues between us. Since my sibling left I have been remaining in the old condo alone and paying the lease without anyone else.

Presently, my sibling's significant other who is very delicate about their funds believes that my sibling is as yet paying for the loft. This is on the grounds that he was the one paying before since he had been remaining there for quite a long time before I moved in.

Presently, I can comprehend her interests. The explanation she is thinking this is on the grounds that:-

1. I'm not working, and she knows. Along these lines, she can't really accept that I can pay for the loft which is very costly

2. she realizes my sibling was the just one paying before I moved in.

She doesn't understand I have assumed control over the installment throughout the previous two months and has been pestering my sibling to quit paying for the condo even after he demands he is done paying. Possibly, she believes he's deceiving him.

I disdain that this is going on. Perhaps it's my sense of self, however I want to converse with her straightforwardly and revealing to her that her better half is done paying for the condo.