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  1. T

    Which of these cryptocurrency are you selling or buying

    Which of these cryptocurrency are you selling or buying *Dm to purchase* Little rabbit Aquapig Shibachogie hotdogs Safemoon Freecoin NFTart. Finance Eclipse Safebtc Safemars Pitbull Feg token Pig token Moonrat Moondao Aquagoat Safelight Safestar Nicheman Moonpirate Fox Elongate...
  2. Naijafans

    New Cryptocurrency is Internet Computer rises in billion value within 3 days of launching

    Since the invention of cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009, the number of digital coins has mushroomed. Punters have made fortunes by buying the next hot token before other investors have cottoned on, but investing in unproven coins is risky as they could end up falling flat. CoinMarketCap, a...
  3. Netdon

    Dogecoin plunges after Elon Musk mention on SNL

    The value of dogecoin (DOGE) plummeted from record highs after Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) appearance, disappointing investors who tried to push the coin to $1 (£0.72). Analysts had expected the Tesla (TSLA) CEO or the "Dogefather" to mention the meme-inspired crypto on SNL and send...