Best way to analyse your website traffic


There is only one standard tool you should take into account when analyzing your site traffic: Google Analytics.

Connected directly to your website, Google Analytics tells you exactly how many visitors your site is getting, where they’re coming from, how they’re interacting with your content.

But what data should you pay attention to?

Website Traffic Statistics to Consider

  • Unique visitors: People who visited your site at least once within the selected date range
  • Pageviews: The number of pages viewed on your website within a selected date range
  • Organic search traffic: A count of the people who visited your site via a search in Google or another search engine
  • Other traffic channels: How many visitors your site gets from other channels such as Facebook and Youtube, as well as from referral traffic (visitors clicking on a link to your website from another website)
While there are many more statistics tracked by Google Analytics, these are the main ones to look at when analyzing your site’s traffic.

Things aren’t so straightforward when you want to check your competitors’ website traffic, though.
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