I Lusted After My Nurse After She Accidentally Brushed My Groin



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I always look forward to visiting the dentist when I have tooth ache.

It wasn’t the dentist I wanted to see, but the nurses. I didn’t know if they were certified or not, I just knew them by their first names, which were often pinned on their uniform. Unlike nurses who work at dentists’ offices, the women at the dentist’s office never wore masks, and having these women rubbing up against me as they worked, their beautiful faces closer to mine, was arousing.

There were three of them. Ogechi had short hair, was about forty years, and she liked to press her thigh against my arm as she worked on my teeth. Another nurse, Abike, looked just some years younger, had a nice slender figure for her age, and also made contact with me as she worked on me. They were so old that they reminded me of some of my friends’ moms, but I had fantasies about a lot of my friends’ moms, too.

It was Aisha, the third nurse that I really lusted after. Aisha was in her mid-thirties. She was several inches taller than me; she was very slim with legs that went on forever. She was a very stylish-looking lady.

When Aisha bent over with her back to me, Aisha’s white panties were visible under the thin, almost see-through white uniform trousers, and I could spot the material of her panties. I was always trying to look down Aisha’s uniform top when she leaned over to wrap the bib around me.

I will never forget my best view, the time that I could see all the way down to Aisha’s chest, to her black bra, and could see beyond the cleavage of her small breasts, almost to her nipple. Each nurses had their own way of sitting as they worked on me. The other two preferred sitting with their legs together, rubbing their thighs against me.

But Aisha always sat with her legs spread wide, her crotch up by my head. I liked to lay back with my elbows out as far as I could stretch them, hoping to make contact with Aisha’s thighs. Sometimes Aisha sat farther back, and there was no contact at all. But on some occasions, Aisha’s stool was closer, and my elbow rubbed against her inner thigh. I had been having chronic tooth ache for over a year, and lately the contact was becoming more frequent.

I didn’t know if my technique had gotten better, or if Aisha was just more comfortable around me, maybe Aisha secretly enjoyed the contact too. I thought the last possibility highly unlikely. Why would this very pretty married woman make sexual contact with some dude half her age?

This appointment was very late. I only needed a dental floss, something the nurses could do and did not require the dentist. I was in the dental chair, and Aisha was preparing to work on me. She lowered the chair down so my upper body was lying nearly flat. The dentist was already preparing to leave the office, and the other two nurses were cleaning and turning out lights, preparing to leave as soon as I was done.

“You two can leave,” Aisha told the other nurses, “I’ll lock up when I’m done with Lenny.”

As soon as the other employees left, I detected a change in Aisha’s behaviour. She glanced nervously at the door where the two nurses had just exited. There was a strange quietness to the room. Perhaps Aisha was a little uncomfortable being alone with me.

Aisha wheeled her stool as close to my right side as she could. I felt my elbow pressing hard into her thigh. This time, Aisha moved her chair to her right a little more, and pressed her crotch against my elbow. As she worked, she ground her crotch against my stretch out limb.

I was aware that I was alone with Aisha, and that she was humping my elbow in an obvious fashion. I immediately got rock hard in my trouser and boxers. I could feel Aisha’s knee rubbing against the back of my hand. I could see her looking into my eyes, and down at my body.
Aisha leaned forward to grab an instrument from the table on the opposite side of me. Although her breasts were small, she had no trouble brushing her left breast against my cheek. She kept rubbing it against me, almost blocking my face from the light. She dropped a tool on my stomach. As she picked it up off of me, she casually grazed her hand over my hard dick, sending waves of adrenaline and arousal through me. She worked with her face even closer to mine. I could feel her hot breath, with her lips just inches from mine.

This was too much to be an accident, I had thought. As soon as we’re alone she presses her crotch into my elbow, then she rubs her breasts on my face, then she touches my dick. All of this had happened before, but not so obviously, in quick succession. She must be doing this on purpose. I couldn’t help myself. I moved my hand over to her knee, and placed my palm on it.
Aisha was breathing heavier, it seemed. I could see her look down at my hand on her knee. She stopped working on my tooth for a minute; she looked directly in my eyes with a harsh expression, and said, “Look, Lenny.”
I felt my heart jump, thinking I was in trouble for touching her knee. I was preparing to utter an awkward apology to this elegant lady.
“You can never tell anyone I let you touch me. Never. Not your friends, not your family, no one. Is that clear?”

With both relief and shock at Aisha’s demands, I muttered an affirmative. Aisha smiled at me, and squeezed her thighs tightly around my arm. Then she rotated her chair, spread her legs wide, took my hand off her knee, and placed it directly on her crotch.
I heard her sigh as I cupped my hand over her crotch and rubbed her pussy. The angle wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t complaining. Aisha leaned forward a little, and I saw her lips moving toward mine. As she kissed me, she slid her tongue into my mouth and snaked it around my tongue. I reached up with my right hand and put it around her.

I moved my hand up and down her waist and back, over her top, feeling the back of her bra.
Aisha reached down and placed her right hand on my hard dick, now straight up, and she stroked it through my trouser. I moved my right hand to Aisha’s chest and squeezed her breast over her bra.
Aisha stopped kissing me, unzipped my trouser, and pulled my trouser and boxers down to my knees. She briefly admired my hard dick before standing up, and pulling down her blue uniform trousers and black panties. Her triangle of pubic hair was appeared to be untrimmed. She sat on the stool again, bottomless. She placed my hand back over her pussy,

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