Back In School He Took Her From Me,now Married I Sleep With Her Any Chance I Get



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I’m sitting under the shade watching how Kazeem plays with his dog. Kazeem is married to my one school friend, Adunni. Now Adunni is what heaven would would call pretty and she has a body which gets my attention every time I look at her Irresistible!

We basically never knew about each other until I got placed right behind her in class, we didn’t speak for the first few weeks, but one day I got an assignment spot on and she turned around and asked if she could check where she went wrong, I said sure and started to slide my work book over to her, but she just jumped up and came to sit on the bench next to me. That started our friendship, we spent as much time as possible together and for a while people started to think that we were dating. I have to admit I was slightly smitten by her, but before I could do anything she met Kazeem. Kazeem was the typical rich big boy and he swept her off her feet in a matter of days. I started to distance myself from them and as I grew more distant it seemed that I actually drove them closer together. In the final exams I got a letter from her, but when she turned around I threw it in the dustbin, I know I acted like a bit childish, but hey I didn’t really think about it that way back then, I was upset and angry, mostly at myself for not taking any action, but I can at least say that Kazeem had a bit of blame as well.

When we finished our last subject there was a party, but I knew she would be there along with Kazeem, so I enrolled for an IT course, imagine my surprise that after paying the fees I got told that I could start the next day. So it happened that I spent four months traveling between states, studying for the whole day, achieving my targets and outstripping the rest of the people studying the same course. So instead of catching up I surpassed them, wait I’m rambling aren’t I? Then one day we got directed to a new building in lekki. My boss just bought a new building, the office would be relocating to a permanent site because the old one’s rent was just too much for him.

I was walking along the road one day, sauntering my way to the office, I had half an hour left and I took my time getting there. I heard my name being called and turned my head to see Adunni standing in the doorway of one of the apartments not too far from office, I walked over to the gate and she came walking towards me, luckily I had on my sunglasses and I could check out her body. I heard that she was pregnant and was forced into marrying Kazeem by her dad, but I can promise you that if there was any sign of pregnancy in that body I had to get my eyes checked. We quickly greeted and she asked what I’m up to, I told her that I’m doing my IT and asked what she’s up to, she grimaced and said she’s playing house wife, I asked what happened to her dreams of getting a scholarship on her long distance running (yeah that is what gave her the body before you ask), she grew a bit sombre and said that Kazeem talked her out of going for trials. We stood there talking about a few things and then I had to hurry to get to the office. I could say that I couldn’t concentrate on my work, those blue eyes kept bothering me and I envied Kazeem for being the one to run his hands over that tight belly, sexy back and firm ass, after wasting half and hour I firmly set the motion aside, but my body couldn’t, the harder I tried to face my work the more I thought about touching her and the harder my preeq got. We usually got two and a half hours to work because the space was limited and there was quite a lot of permanent staff back then, when my work time was over I went to the recreation Centre sat at my usual seat and kept on staring at some of my books.

And from that day on we rekindled our friendship, most of the mornings when I got there, Kazeem would ve gone to work and we could talk over the gate, because the summer sun is quite sharp, I always had my sunglasses on and I could check her out in her shorts and tight tops. She still had that athletic look to her and I asked her about it, she said that some days she still go to jog and she was quite happy to have gotten permission from the nearby school to use their track. One afternoon I decided to slip away and get some lunch and I had a craving for a cool drink and no amount of water could dampen that craving. I was walking past the apartments when I heard a guy calling my name, I looked up from my cellphone and there was Kazeem, standing at the gate and looking very happy to see me, I greeted him and he motioned me over, I glued a fake smile on my face and walked over, he shook my hand, it felt like taking grip on a snake and he started babbling about how long it’s been since he saw me and how good it was to see me again, I wondered what she saw in him, he surely wasn’t one of the brightest and was starting to get a bit chubby. I also wondered how it felt for her when he ran that cold hands over her body, I was so lost in thought that I almost didn’t hear that fateful question.

“Would you like to come in? We have some cold Coke”

This time my smile was real as I agreed, He let me in and kept on babbling as we walked to the apartment. Adunni saw us coming up the driveway and opened the door.

“Look who I bumped into”

The statement almost made me say that I’ve already met Adunni, but something in her eyes stopped me and I acted like I haven’t seen her the past couple of weeks. Kazeem went to stand protectively behind her and I almost laughed at him. Let me put it this way I am 5’10” and he is 5’5”, she is 5’4” and since I’ve been gyming in my free time with a friend of mine I easily outstripped him in weight and strength, so I wasn’t sure he could protect her. So just to keep the peace I sat down and gave him a faint, mocking smile. Adunni of course was rather lean from her hours on the track, she have rather small breasts and some of her teeth were a bit thin or a bit crooked, so her smile wasn’t her saving grace, she did have the prettiest black eyes and her hair was black and curly. Like I said, she’s not a cutie, but in a way she was appealing especially with that bright personality. After a few moments Kazeem suddenly turned her around and kissed her then he went into the kitchen. She sat down on a chair close to me and leaned over.

“I hope he didn’t upset you”

I shrugged

“He’s just marking his territory, at least he didn’t pee on you”

She burst out laughing, by the time Kazeem came back with a cup of chilled Coke I had her howling with laughter by telling her the one joke after the other, it seemed that after that Kazeem saw me as the harmless class clown and relaxed when I was around. I think that was one of the biggest parts of what lead to what happened afterwards. It became a ready feature during the week, I’d visit during lunch time and the more contact I had with Kazeem the more naive he seemed. I didn’t notice it at first, but Adunni kind of started to take chances when Kazeem was around, touching my leg, stroking over my arm, she even once playfully bit me in the neck, now that really got my attention, she tried to look innocent, but I finally realized that my old school friend was flirting outrageously with me.

At the end of the year I went for an outing, I swung by Adunni’s place and she was there alone, she was busy doing the washing and I sat down and started to draw some pictures in my drawing book, I felt her behind me, but kept on drawing.

“You could make your own comic book you know”

I shrugged

“I guess it will take the same path as my writing”

Her hands stroking over my shoulders caught me by surprise, but a few moments I realized that she knows what she’s doing. I didn’t know that I was tensed up, but she quickly relaxed all the muscles in my neck and shoulders

“Hmmmm you’re good at this”

“Let me show you what else I’m good with”

When she greeted me she wore shorts and a loose t-shirt, as she walked around the chair in which I sat I realized she was wearing just the t-shirt. Without a further word she took the book and pencil from me and sat down on my lap. I was shocked into silence, she placed her palms on the side of my head, leaned forward and kissed me, her lips was soft and slightly wet, operating on instinct I wrapped my arms around her and responded to her kiss. She wiggled around on my lap as we kissed, I slowly ran my hands down her back and over her firm ass, this caused a bit more wiggling and a soft moan, that moan sounded so sexy that I could feel myself responding. I slipped my hands under the loose t-shirt and encounter soft skin, I cupped her ass and squeezed, I got rewarded with an even louder moan. I rubbed over her naked ass and the thought of having her sitting on my lap in just a t-shirt made my preeq expand even more, by the time I reached her lower back her breathing was ragged. I felt her hand slip in between our bodies and touch my hard preeq, without warning she pulled away from me and started to undo my belt and jeans, she looked up at me with those blue eyes and smiled

“We don’t have much time, Kazeem will be here soon”

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