New tricks use by kidnappers will shock you


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some Nigerians have taken to Twitter to reveal the new styles kidnappers have abducted.

In a post made by a user on the platform, a man was invited to Port Harcourt for a presentation all the way from Lagos and was kidnapped by the people who invited him.

According to the narrator, the abductors were even responsible for his flight ticket down to Lagos, and still went ahead to hold him up for ransom.

He wrote:

Some1 was recently kidnapped. He z invited to PH from Lagos 2 for a presentation. It seemed legit, they paid his flight & promised accommodation. He was picked up by them at the airport & was held4 till he paid a ransom. I hear this is the latest trend. Pls use zoom / Teams

Replying to his post, another user revealed that the incident happened to her brother

This happened to my brother. He was invited to PH for a business meeting. He got there and they told him let the taxi drop him anywhere and they’ll get him. He insisted they send an address, they grudging did and taxi guy told him it’s a kidnapping den.

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