One Look At My Daughter's Teacher Set My Underneath On Fire


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This was the first time John was meeting his daughter’s class teacher. His wife, Remi, was always the one who attended school events but she was not feeling well that day so John took time off work to attend his daughter’s Open Day.
As soon as he spotted the tall, cvrcy teacher, John could feel the familiar tug on his d|ck. She was conservatively dressed but one could see that she was s3xy underneath that cotton dress and blue shirt.

Her l!ps though covered in a moderate amount of l!pstick, were also full and s3xy. He found himself gazing longingly at them as she talked about his daughter’s school work. He knew he would probably get in trouble for not listening seeing as Remi would want to know every single detail but he could not help himself.

The parents were allowed to hang around until school closed and even though John had earlier planned to return to work as soon as he could, he found himself stalling until classed were over. He simply could not get enough of the pretty young teacher.

Finally, when he had no other choice, he took his daughter home. After telling his wife he had to run to work to get a few things, he drove straight back to the school, hoping to get a chance to speak with her privately.

He entered the now empty classroom to see her writing something in an exercise book.
“Mr Adams, did you forget something?” she asked when she spotted him. He paused. He had not really considered what he was going to say. He finally walked towards her.

“I thought we might get to talk a bit more,” he said to her. She smiled widely, asking if he had more questions about his daughter’s activities in school. John said no, then decided to tell her how attract!ve he found her. She smiled coyly at him and he held her hand. The hand holding soon became int!mate.

After a while, he stood up under the pretext of leaving and she stood up with him. He leant close to her and gave her a k!ss but things got heated fast. The k!ss got deeper and he was soon lifting up that proper sk!rt all the way to her wa!st.

He unhooked his jeans and let them fall to his ankles and pressed his body even harder against her. He moved a hand to squeez3 the sensit!ve flesh of her inner th!gh. She was w3t and the dampness in her pant!es grew and put a musky aroma in the tight confines of the classroom. He pulled down her hot pink pant!es and let them slide down her legs.

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