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Going on the Internet can be an overwhelming experience, and there is a good reason why. A Netcraft Web Server Survey taken in January 2018 revealed that there are over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. Of course, your purpose for going on the Internet narrows down the number of websites you will actually visit. Some people go on the Internet to look for employment, while others are online retailers or students trying to write a research paper. And then there are people who are looking for something different outside of the realm of the ordinary. What are some websites that can satisfy the need to see something bizarre, strange, or even frightening?

We will examine some of the “Top10 Creepiest Internet Websites.”

1. The Occult Museum –
The Occult Museum is a fairly new website that is packed with creepy content. Starting in 2015, the website states that it is “dedicated to collecting the strange, macabre and the supernatural.” It covers a wide variety of paranormal topics, including haunted places, supernatural destinations, and mythic monsters.
It also features true crime articles about topics such as serial killers, unsolved crimes, and mysterious disappearances.
In addition, The Occult Museum shares true stories submitted by readers.
Some of them are ghost stories and urban legends, but others are firsthand accounts of strange, unexplained, and/or disturbing events experienced by people such as doctors, 911 operators, truckers, and morticians.

2. The Black Vault –
According to its Facebook page, The Black Vault is “a massive research center archiving what the U.S. government is trying to hide . . .. from YOU.” Its creator, John Greenewald, Jr., has compiled an extensive database of declassified documents from the FBI, CIA, and other U.S. government organizations with “secret” information.
There are documents about historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, organizations such as The Church of Scientology, and weapons programs such as “Electron Beam Systems in Space.” The site also includes celebrity FBI files. For instance, you can see a Xerox copy of a threatening letter sent to the Beatles in In the letter, the sender told the Beatles to cancel their 1964 performance in Denver or else “I’m going to throw a hand grenade instead of jelly babies.”
In addition, there are declassified FBI documents about “fringe” topics such as Area 51 and Bigfoot. And there’s more.
The Black Vault offers case files on recent and past UFO sightings, alien encounters, cryptozoology, and other paranormal topics. Other features of the site include a chat room and a radio show.

For a fee, you can receive a report from that contains information about people who died at an address you enter into the website.
The report also discloses whether there was a fire at the property if the property was used as a meth lab, and if any registered sex offenders living at the address.
You also get a list of registered sex offenders in the entire zip code area of your address. Currently, can generate reports only for official addresses in all 50 states of the US.

This website is the online portfolio of American artist Vincent Castiglia. While his surreal artwork depicting archetypal themes of life, death, and decay is eerie on its own, the fact that he paints them with human blood adds to the creep factor. He paints most of his artwork with his own blood, but sometimes he paints with the blood of celebrities. For example, Castiglia painted a portrait of musician Gregg Allman with Allman’s own blood. He is also known for painting Lucifer on the guitar of Slayer musician Gary Holt using Holt’s own blood. Recently, director John Borowski completed a documentary about Castiglia called Bloodlines: The Art and Life and Vincent Castiglia.
Summum is a religion that incorporates some ancient Egyptian practices and the laws of the Hebrew prophet Moses. The followers of this religion set up a nonprofit organization offering Egyptian mummification services. They will mummify you even if you do not believe in Summum. provides more information about the procedure used to preserve your body, which is (bad pun intended) shrouded in mystery. You actually have to have your body shipped to their site in Salt Lake City, Utah, in order for them to perform the mummification. They even warn you that “once your body is received by Summum, no family member or any other person will be able to see your body again.” This is because they want to work “without interference” from anyone else. The process can take several months or longer. When they are done mummifying you, you are sealed up in a mummiform, a custom-made art form casket, or a traditional casket before you are shipped back to a final resting place of your choice.
They also mummify pets. The high cost of their mummification services will probably scare people more than the mummification process. The cost of human mummification starts at $67,000. The website does not specify whether or not this includes the price of a mummiform or casket. And you can’t use just any old casket.
Summum requires a “full couch 48 oz. bronze or full couch stainless steel casket.” Pet mummification can range between $7,000 to more than $100,000.

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