We Went To The Mall For A Business Meeting,Instead Our Body Did The Meeting



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They both walked out of the mall, they crossed the road together. She unlocked the car, earlier during the date, she had promised to drop him at home since his house wasn’t far from the restaurant they just had dinner at.
The rain began to drizzle, she started the car’s ignition, switched on the A.C despite the cold wind blowing.
“It was nice spending the evening with you” He said to her.
She smiled back at him, and he could tell he was in love. She smells like trouble but he didn’t care, he felt like he just found the smiling piece of the puzzle.

They continued talking about their day, then she mentioned about how her feets hurt her due to all of the walking she had to do earlier that day. He offered her a massage,

“Bring your leg, let me massage them for you” He offered.

She erupted in laughter and replied

“I told you, massages are my weakness. Please don’t let us start something that we cannot finish, moreover it’s too late. Don’t you have work to go to tomorrow morning?”

“I have work in the morning, but I don’t mind spending more minutes or hours with you. I’m enjoying this.”

“So, just give me your leg and stop worrying about if I’d be able to make work tomorrow morning” He said

“It’s your funeral” She replied and stretched her leg from the driver’s seat of the Toyota Sienna to him in the passenger seat.

He took her feet in her palms, and began to massage her foot, twisting the base of her feet, applying pressure just beneath her toes. Light pressure then hard, he kept interchanging them and he could see that she was enjoying it

She shut her eyes, and moaned

“That’s it!”

He brought his hands higher on her body, working his way up to her thighs, the soft flowing short gown she wore gave way as his hands drew higher on her body. She didn’t protest, after a while, she gave him the other leg, and stared at him massaging her legs. She knew at that point that she may not be in love but she liked him genuinely.

As she switched her legs, his eyes were glued to her legs and he didn’t see any panties.

“You’re not wearing any underwear?” He asked.

“Yup! Thought I told you that” She said in a sexy British accent, this has to be a really down right freaky and nasty chic.

He continued massaging her legs, and then she took her legs back, and said

“That’s enough, Mr. Man” She said, taking back her leg from his hands.

“Oh come’on! I’m just getting started” He said

“Well, you were turning me on! We can’t have that” She said

“My bad! It wasn’t my intention but I like the result”

“You lying asshole! I told you massages turn me on” She joked.

“Okay, I knew that. So how turned on are you right now” He asked

“I’m not telling you that, we have to go. It’s getting late. We gat to go” She said.

“Sure, but before we go, there is something in your eyes. Let me get that for you” He said

“What’s that?” She leaned closer, and then he kissed her.

He took her lower lip and kissed it gently, she didn’t hesitate, she kissed him back and they began to make out in the car. At this time, they were parked in front of a crowded mall, it’s about to rain, and people were hurrying as the intensity of the wind increased, the rain was about the begin.

They were in their own moment, ignorant of people running helter skelter trying to shield themselves away from the rain. They kissed more till they broke it off.

He could feel the metal of her piercing in his mouth as they kissed.

“Apparently, there wasn’t anything in my eye. You just wanted to do that” She said laughing

“Of course, there wasn’t and it was the easiest trick that you fell for. It can only mean one thing” He said back to her.

“It can only mean what? ” She inquired.

“You also wanted to kiss me” He said.

They both laughed, he drew her closer and kissed her more, he held her face and kissed her like his life depended on it.

“I told you not to start what you cannot finish remember?” She asked him

“What is it that I cannot finish?”

“I don’t like getting Hot without not satisfying that thirst”

“Such a shame, Let’s go to the backseat and see what we can do” He said

“I’m never gonna allow you tease me like this again.” She said.

They went to the backseat of the tinted vehicle, and she went into his arms, and they began to make out intensely. He was touching her everywhere like an impatient virgin, she enjoyed it as well. She broke it off and said,

“So, what are you packing?” She said an inch away from his face.

“Packing? I don’t own a measuring tape.” They both laughed “I don’t know”

“But how about this, you can see it if you want” He proposed

She nodded in agreement, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and brought out his dick.

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