Whats is the meaning of the slang cut soap for me


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There are actually two meanings to this trending phrase.

1. The first case is helping a brother or a sister pull their hands to be better person’s by referring them to others for a job opportunity or vacancies you know they can fill.
It is just helping someone grow as the popular saying goes “we rise by lifting others up”. In this case, cut soap for me can mean “please show me the way now”.

2. The second meaning to this phrase “Cut soap for me” which is where I would like to stress on, stresses the evil people do behind this phrase.
In this second meaning of the trending phrase, young people ask people who they know are doing really well either in business or their general life style (Usually, people who are into drugs, dirty money like internet fraud popularly called Yahoo Yahoo, rituals or every thing evil).
They beg these people to cut soap for them and in this case it means “what ever is giving you this wealth, please introduce me to it”.
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