I Tried So Hard Not To Cheat On My Wife But I Couldn't Resist Our Maid



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I was sickened with how I had been feeling. I would fantasize about being with Juliet. Juliet was our nanny. She was young and beautiful. Just the kind of girl who needed attention. She had been living with us for the past few years. She was more than just a nanny, because she took care of me too. I slowly was falling in love with her.

My wife was a doctor who had been working in Ghana for the last few months. I never wanted to cheat on her, but my urges were becoming much stronger. I was alone and feeling lonely. Juliet was living in my home. My mind was working in overdrive trying to fight the urges. I tried as hard as I could, but the urges were winning. I couldn’t stop them any longer.

Juliet was a very lively girl. She loved to have fun when she was working. The kids loved being around her. She was a good cook and kept the house clean and organized. I enjoyed looking at her. She’d flirt with me on occasion. Mostly, after the children were out of the house.

Juliet is Akwa-Ibom. She had an amazing body, curves in all the right spots. I loved to watch her walk. She knew how to shake her booty. Her booty was amazing just like her breasts. She wore proper clothes around the children, but would change into flirtier clothes when she and I were alone in the house together. I got the impression she liked me as well. To date, I have never touched her. How I thought about it though!

She loved to dance around the house. Sometimes, I’d catch her in just her lingerie. She’d smile and playfully play with her hair. She knew she was teasing me with her body. She liked me looking at her. I wanted her more than anything in the world.

I often wondered about the shape of her breasts. I wondered if her pull$$y was bare or if she had a full bush. I dreamed of kissing her body, starting at her mouth and finishing with sucking each of her toes.

She has a soft and sweet voice. She’s naturally beautiful and never wears makeup and looks like the girl next door. I often wondered if she’d even had s8x yet. I fantasize that she’s a virgin. I dream that she and I are having a lustful affair.

When I’m fantasizing about Juliet, I’m naked on my bed masturbating to wicked thoughts about her. I hold my c*kc in my hand and dream of her sweet body. I move my hand up my shaft fast. I feel pre-cum on the tip of my c*kc while I jerk myself harder and faster thinking of my Juliet. I dream of her while I relieve my preeq of my cum.

When I’m finished, I shower and go down for breakfast. Juliet is getting the children ready for school. In the morning, she’s usually wearing a tight shirt with no bra and her skirt. I can see her n!pples protruding through the thin material of her shirt. I would just love to bring her to the counter and lay her down. I’d kiss and hold her while I remove her clothes. I would then spread her legs and lick her to Org8$m.

Instead, I just watch her flutter around the kitchen helping the children. I read the paper and look at her, fantasizing about how I’d f*kc her. I knew it was wrong, but she really gets me very excited. I’m hoping that after she brings the children to school, I’ll have the courage to approach her and tell her how I want her.

Juliet finally walked back into the house. She came into the kitchen where I was eating breakfast. I bought her a small gift. I wanted her to know how pleased I was with her attention to my children.

“You’re still home? I thought you went to office
“Nope. I took the day off. Would you like to spend the day with me?”

“You mean together?”


She looked at me a bit nervously. Her face was flushed and she started to fidget. I enjoyed seeing how my suggestion made her feel. I could feel the bulge in my pants starting to grow. She too would soon see how much I appreciated her.

“You’ve been doing such a great job lately. I have a little gift for you.”

“A gift for me? You didn’t have to buy me anything.”

“I wanted to. Open it!”

Juliet took the box out of my hand and she sat down next to me in the kitchen. She was excited and her eyes sparkled. Her n!pples were rock hard in her thin shirt. That’s what was making me excited. She ripped open the paper and opened the velvet box. She was stunned that I had given her diamond earrings.

“Wow. They’re beautiful. Thank you.”

“Put them on.”

Juliet took her earrings out and then put the studs onto her ear lobes.

“How do they look?”

“They look beautiful. Beautiful, just like you.”

“Thank you so much for the earrings.”

Juliet came closer and gave me a hug. I went a step further and placed my lips onto hers and kissed her.

She pulled away from me looking a bit confused. “Mr. Jones, why did you kiss me?”

“Juliet, you know that I have a crush on you. Don’t you?”

“I guess so. What about your wife? What would she think?”

“She’s not here and I want you. Come closer to me.”

“I don’t want to lose my job. I need it.”

“Nobody is going to get rid of you. Come over here and let me love you. I’ve waited for this day forever. You excite me so much.”

“I’m not sure. How about the children? They will tell your wife.”

“They won’t. We will only be together after they go to school. Now come here. I want you so much.”

She just stood there thinking about it. Her body was telling her different things. I could see the outline of her full breasts. Her n!pples were screaming out to me to pull on them. I just looked at her and smiled.

Juliet was blushing and knew that her n!pples were hard and showing. She walked closer to me and I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms. I passionately kissed her on her lips. Our tongues danced together in her mouth. She was an amazing kisser.

I wanted her more than anything. She took off her shirt and helped me off with mine. She stepped out of her skirt and pulled down her panties. I was happy that her pull$$y was bald. I took off all my clothes and held her close to my body. I put my hands on her buttocks and squeezed them together while we made out. Her body was warm and her heart was beating hard. Her breathing was heavy.

I couldn’t believe she was wanting to be with me. I picked her up and put her onto the counter. I opened her legs and pulled her pull$$y to

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You always keep the sweet part as suspense to your blog 😆 lol 😂

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